Hi, I've been trying to create a static page in sections. That is, create a static page X, and then create more static pages that have X as their parent. Why do this? To make it easier to author sections of my site, instead of having to write a whole (large) page in one little HTML entry box :-)

As you know, I can't do the above.

I thought then that maybe Book would work, but it displays subpages as links only, not inline as I want. So, what would folks think about an option on book pages to display "inline" or "linked"? "Linked" would be the default, as it is now. If this is thought to be a good idea, I will attempt to create a patch for it.

Note that book "print" mode is not it either, as it loses the context of the site.


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Use taxonomy to get your pages into a hierachy?

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Taxonomy does not display the 'subpages' at the same time. I think this would be quite useful - for the viewer to have the option of viewing the subpages of a book, below any particular branch of the tree, all at once - especially if the navigation block could still be used to navigate up and down the longer page.