This is a feature request for uploading file to a remote server without leaving Drupal.

Here is a scenario to clarify.

  1. Without leaving the Drupal site the end user clicks on FileField 'Browse' button.
  2. He browses for a file on is local computer.
  3. He clicks on 'Upload' button.
  4. The file is uploading to a remote server. Find below attached mockup to clarify.

As you can see on the below mockup FileField user interface would be the same. The only difference is that the file gets uploaded to a remote server instead of current Drupal site server. Website administrator would have to widget to choose from: 1. FileField local (current) 2. FileField remote (feature request). Or something like that. Maybe 2 modules so you can active only the one you need. Uploading to remote site could be done via FTP. Any other idea how to do that?

As a later feature. User tokens could be use to create sub-folders on the remote server.

File would be link via an absolute link. For example

Why uploading files to a remote server?

  • Save bandwidth on Drupal site by using remote site bandwidth
  • Increase website performance
  • Increase scalability for large websites

Yes there are already lot of other modules able to embed remote file. But to embed code the end user needs technical knowledge. I mean copy and paste a line of embed code is very easy for a developer but to much work for most beginner end users. In other words it's much easier for a beginner end user to click one button to upload a file. Compare to leaving the Drupal site, copy, paste embedded code. This feature would be a great usability improvement.

I would be happy to contribute dev or patch testing. As well as writing an updated README.txt file.

filefield-remote-server-progress.png42.32 KBFrancewhoa
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I'm also looking forward for this feature to be added.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

This feature will not be added to FileField, see Media Mover.

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Thanks quicksketch. I'll try that.

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i need some like this for drupal 7.