We just upgraded the Bio module from version 5.x-1.2 to 5.x-1.3 and something is happening now where newly created basic "Authenticated Users" get a bio content node created automatically when they create their accounts. The way the module used to work in the previous version didn't do that. In our site setting, not all users will need a bio, or rather, we don't want all authenticated users to have a bio, only a particular type that we have created in the roles section. We used to assign that role to the users who needed a bio and then when they clicked on the Biography tab under their profile, the bio node type would be created for them. Under the new version, bios are created for all authenticated users at the point of account creation, which is not useful for us.

I realize that might be the way the developers intended the module to behave, but can we ask that a roles based interface be added where, we can click on the roles that will have the bio tab available and the ones who don't won't even see it?

At the moment we are getting hundreds of bio content nodes created weekly that we have to manually delete as they are not needed and thus making the database larger than it should.