I have two questions relating to the size of the header images in this great theme. I understand that the size of the header images is ~920 x 240 pixels.

1) What is the maximum height of the image that Marinelli can accept before it causes problems?
2) How would one change the site name from white to another color? Some of my photos have a white backgrounds and this is why i would like to change them.



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Title: Maximum Size of header images? » Maximum Size of header images in Marinelli theme?
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1. I just downloaded today and I don't know well this theme, but there's no reason for it to cause problems if you change the maximum height. The header takes the full width so the height of it won't break anything.
Just change the #header to the size you want and prepare your images for the same size. Modify the code at layout.css line 26:

#header {
	padding: 0;
	margin: 0;
	height: 180px;

2. For this check links.css around line 86 and make modifications to suit your needs at this part:

#header h1 a, #header p a{color: #fff;}

Good luck

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Merci. I will try it.

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