On a multilingual Drupal (Dutch, English and French) I use Revisioning for managing the moderation queue.

First I choose a given node for which I already entered all translations. Then I set the content language to French, which displays the French translation of the node I was viewing. Now I go to the Translations tab, then Edit a non-French translation while keeping the language of Drupal to French(*), edit this translation and Save it, then I get the status message (twice - but that is another known issue) that the content is published since it is not under control of the Revisioning module, which is incorrect since the node is under control of the Revisioning module.

(*) In this case the language of the page is different from the language of the Drupal interface. The former is contained in the node information, while the latter leaks into the URL (the 1st token in the path - unless you started viewing a node in your Drupal's default language).

Is it possible that the Revisioning module extracts the content language for a given node being edited from the URL (1st path element as language prefix), instead of looking at the $node object itself?


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Update: even if you set the UI language to the content language, this bug appears.

Remark: I use the "Synchronize Translations" module.

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Hmmm... tricky. So is the displayed message (re the published status) the only thing wrong?
Or is there a functional problem that stops you from moderating revisions in the same way as you can on an all English site?

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The displayed message is incorrect. No functionality is affected, fortunately.

If I go to the "Revisions" tab I can publish the updated revision.

It's just very confusing.

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Priority: Normal » Minor
Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Will have to spend some time to investigate and learn about "Synchronize Translations" module.

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I did some testing with multi-lingual revisioning, too.
I get an unlogical error when updating existing, published nodes. For example, I have a node (nid 1, vid 1, English) translated into German (nid 2, vid 2, German). Both nodes have the same tnid 1 (English node is the source node for translations). Both German and English revisions are under version control.
Next I publish the English revision and the German one get's published automatically, too, since I checked 'status' within the i18n sync section.

Now I also checked 'revision' also. The i18n_sync module tells me that now if creating a new revision of a node the module will create a new revision for its translated nodes, too. This actually happens but while the newly created revision goes into moderation, the automatically created translated node revision becomes active and published.

I guess this is merely a problem of i18n_sync module for it doesn't check for revisioning installed or not.


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Thanks for researching this issue Sin.

I have the impression that indeed the problem may reside in the confusion of the meaning of "revisioning" in this context: it probably works for native Drupal revisioning but not for the Revisioning add-on.

However the "Synchronize translations" settings on my multilingual setup has the "Status" ticked but not the "Revisions".

So as I understand now the use case for synchronizing the "Status" (published/unpublished) is too complex to support in the "Synchronize translations" interface. Instead one may want to (un)publish one single translation, or all. This is not possible with the "Synchronize Translations" module. My bet is that this should be part of the Revisioning module, e.g. integrated in the node translations overview (node/%/translate).

Should we inform the maintainers of the "Synchronize translations" to let them know about this discussion? I'd suggest them to detect the presence of the "Revisioning" module, and if it is there, the "Status" synchronization should be disabled with a warning that if enabled it might not do what you would expect.

Best regards,


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Hi Olivier, sin,
On behalf of the Drupal community I really appreciate the research you're doing in the area. I
must say I would love to explore the multi-lingual aspects of Revisioning, but haven't had the time to explore it much yet. Which is a shame as English is not my first language, so I have an interest....
If you feel that some work might be helpful on the side of the Synchronisation of Translations, then by all means let them know... Maybe all of us can work something out together...
All I can say is that at the moment there is no code in Revisioning that deals specifically with different languages, so at this stage most of this is going over my head...

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With Revisioning recently having gone through a rewrite, I was wondering to what extent this issue still exists and whether the symptoms are still the same.
I guess it would be great to have this one sorted. Did anyone check with the maintainer(s) of Synchronization of Translations ?

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Version: 6.x-2.7 » 6.x-1.4
Assigned: Unassigned » digitaldonkey
Category: bug » support
Priority: Minor » Normal
Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active
Issue tags: +i18n synchronize pending unpublished revisions

As far as I understood I have the same issue.

I use Revisioning for a workflow on a multilingual Site. A user should be able to provide translations before the node gets moderated.

When added the source post I can add a Translation. After Saving the translation I got the message:

* Initial revision created and published.
* One node translation has been synchronized.
* Link Das Videoportal has been created.

But in fact there is a new node created with no connection to the translation source. A resulting problem is that I can't add another translation due to having a unique field (but the first translation is saved even if it violates the unique field rule (means: while saving drupal still thinks that it is a translation, it just don't find the connection after).

I made another test. I approved and published the first node, BEFORE I try to add a translation.... with the same results.

I'm rather new to Drupal but would like to help to get a patch running for this issue.

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Is the version number you quote, 6.x-1.4 correct? Please use the latest version of Revisioning, 6.x-3.9 (and latest of Module Grants, if used) so that we're on the same base-line.

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Priority: Normal » Minor

No, that was the (actually recommended version of i18n) The Revisionin Module is at 6.x-3.9

Found a similar problem in the meantime at


Removing the triggered rule "after saving new Content" made the issue to disappear.

and there is a fix here:

i18n.pages.inc patch part --> already in 6.x-1.4
i18n.module --> already in 6.x-1.4
i18nmenu.module --> already in 6.x-1.4
i18nviews.module --> already in 6.x-1.4

But like http://drupal.org/node/484870#comment-2067856 the problem remains.

My solution was now: changing the rule from "after saving new Content" to "New content is going to be saved"

... puh...

But I think it is still a minor issue.

Thanks so far!

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Please re-raise if still a problem in the latest version.