I've noticed a conflict between authcache and AD module - the problem was that the footer

appended to JavaScript generated file (serve.php generates JavaScript file dynamically). After reviewing the code I've noticed that there is a part which ignores that footer for rss.xml and /feed. My suggestion is the following, let's extend that part with a new variable "debug_ignore_pattern":

... || preg_match($conf['authcache']['default']['debug_ignore_pattern'], request_uri())

That allows a user to specify any number of ignoring pages for a footer. I've prepared a patch.

authcache.helpers.inc_.patch640 bytesdesunit


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Good find. Authcache RC1 now has a textbox under the "configuration" admin page so paths may be entered to disable the JS appened.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.