last thing i'll type tonight, so sorry for the fuzzyness:

stories, pages, and blogs created by users other than user1 are marked as being posted by anonymous. i haven't even given anonymous users permission to post these content types, so this is really wierd. the admin log shows the events of the nodes being posted by the users i was logged in as, but when i view the nodes they say they were posted by anonymous. i disabled and even deleted all non-core modules (flexinode, usernodes), backed up my database and started completely over making new tables with database.mysql. the code running is from today's cvs tarball.

php 4.4, mysql 4.1.18, the only things i've done have been overriding the user_profile and profile_listing in the theme to do minor cosmetic stuff and to get a list of recent posts on users' profile pages, and making a categorized listing of users: and in action

i don't know what other info i should provide, check it out:



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Title: nodes say they're posted by anonymous, even when i was logged in as i made them » Submitted by Anonymous / Authored by Anonymous
Version: x.y.z » 4.6.6
Component: user system » node system
Category: bug » support

This problem is caused by using a user name that is not in the database. For example, on my site I kept trying to change the Authored By text to "Dustin Boston" and it kept using Anonymous. Finally I realized that my account was set up as simply "Dustin" which worked.

Let me know if this is the solution you were looking for. (I'm a noob so I'm still trying to get stuff figured out too!)

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Version: 4.6.6 » x.y.z
Category: support » bug
Priority: Normal » Critical

haven't tried to change any usernames. just now i removed any custom theming i've tried and tested it again.
1. visited site logged out and clicked create new acocunt
2. filled out the form, got my password from the email, and used it to log in as the newly created user
3. posted a story
and it still said the story was posted by anonymous.

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I'm having the same problem with the CVS version of drupal (as of 3-25).

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I'm using logintoboggan.module, could this be the problem?

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This is effecting only original authors. If someone replies or leaves a comment, it shows the correct username. But if that same person creates a page, topic, bookpage etc... it says authored by "Anonymous."

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i'm not using logintoboggan.module, so that's not it. my comments also show the correct author inormation.

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I wish I new what the problem was as this is causing a huge mess on one of my sites... I guess that's what I get for running a CVS version on a live site :-) I'll live and it will too...

I don't even know where to begin to try to fix this issue...

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Priority: Critical » Normal

Created user, as few permissions as possible, logged in, created page node, all OK. Give me more information or I'll won't fix this.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I also tried, using the exact steps outlined in #2, can't reproduce. Marking won't fix, per chx.

ryanrain: Maybe try de-selecting all modules and re-enable one at a time until you can reproduce the problem. Else, try a brand new spankin' version of HEAD and add your custom stuff to it a little at a time. Looks like it's something on your end.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

I'm running PHP Version 4.4.1 and MySql version 3.23.58.

Besides the "required" modules, I have these modules installed:

acidfree, adsense, aggregator, bbcode, blog, book, comment, contact, db_maintenance, dba, devel, filemanager, flexinode, forum, gsitemap, help, image, legacy, page, logintoboggan, menu, paging, path, poll, profile, search, simplenews, statistics, story, taxonomy, taxonomy_block, tracker, upload, views

This is what happens: A user registers and gets the authenticated user role.

user posts comment: no problem it everything is shown correct.

user authors a page, forum topic, any type of node: The created page states that it was "Submitted By: Anonymous," instead of the user's name.

I have access control configured so that authenticated user roles can create these nodes.

Even if I disallow "Anonymous" postings, it will still say "Submitted by Anonymous."

I last updated my Drupal CVS version on 3-25.

What other information do you need?

Thanks for the help!

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

i can't reproduce this either. we don't need more info. we need you to reproduce this with just core drupal. you will probably fail. then you can begin enabling conrib modules to isolate the problem.

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ryanrain, what modules do you have installed?

I tried this on a differant install that had the same Drupal Core Version, and couldn't reproduce it either... So it must be an issue with some module.

Does anyone have any ideas of what module may do this?

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i only ever had core modules running. i uploaded a new cvs tarball and now it works. thanks everyone for trying to reproduce this.

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New CVS tarball work here too...