I'm outputing a list of node title and teaser. I want to have a [Read more] link at the end of each teaser to go to the node itself. How can I do that?

I can format the title field as link to go to the node, but I prefer to make a [Read more] link at the end of the teaser field.

So basically I want this:

Snoopy Brown       Charlie Brown's pet beagle, born October 2, 1950. [Read more]


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I just finished doing this on a site I am working on. This is what I did.

1. Set the Row Style for the View to Fields
2. In the Fields box, I added a field for Node:Link
3. In the Node:Link setup, you can set the text for the link in the Text to display field.

You can see the results at www.pardeevillelakes.com. It is still a work in progress, but the front page was created with 2 views with the same setup.

Good Luck

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Okay, I got it. Basically I do unformatted and make my own output.

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1 - add body field then exclude from display
2- add more link and exclude from display too
3 - add custom text field and but on the text [body] ... [view_node]
you can change it as you want ...
thanks :)