This is a two part question.

I want to switch the icon on my left hand menu to the right side of the menu as this seems to be better for the user to understand that there are sub menu items under the arrow icon.

Does anyone know a good way to do this?

The second part of my question is why is this set like this? When ever I look at other menus like in example your start menu on your windows operating system the menu arrow icon is on the opposite side. Is this not better for the end user?

I have had a look about for this question which I am sure has been raised before but I have not found anything relating to this so please excuse me if this has already been posted somewhere.


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List bullets are always on the left side of paragraphs written in a left-to-right alphabet. You could try finding a CSS rule to change it somewhere, but I don't know if you can do it without setting the locale to Arabic. :D

By the way, in the file explorer you will find that the [+] and [-] icons are on the left side of folders in the tree view. Since the dynamic menu is essentially a hierarchic list, where every list item is one menu option, it makes sense to display it as an ordinary list.