I've begun to use drupal for several websites that I administer, and am now trying to put together development tools. I downloaded a trial version of Zend Studio, and I don't understand how it is interacting with drupal.

My environment is OSX, Apache/1.3.29, PHP Version 4.3.4, I usually edit in emacs. Trying to debug drupal on the same machine the server is running on.

I installed Zend Studio client and server. When I place a breakpoint using zend studio debugger, then enter a URL in my browser, I can step through the code in the debugger. However, it doesn't seem to be the same instance of execution that produces output in my browser. The execution and output in the zend debugger window is the drupal installation's default home page (not the url I entered at the browser, but index.php), and furthermore it is complaining about wrong magic quotes value (but no such complaint occurs in my browser).

There seem to be two separate execution instances, but they are somehow connected, because the debugger doesn't arrive at the breakpoint unless I enter a URL in my browser.

Anyone using Zend Studio with drupal? Or have recommendations for an environment for debugging drupal on osx?

BTW, more info on drupal/php debugging (but not zend studio) is in the Drupal Developer's handbook at http://drupal.org/book/view/1466.


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heres how i got Zend Studio Debugging working with drupal it was not that difficult just a couple of qwirks to setup right