Currently in 2.x we have a way to add controls and pagers. It seems we need to be more flexible in how we can display this. I think this can be accomplished as simply as creating a theme function for each type of control.

1) previous
2) next
3) pause
4) pager
5) 1 of 4 type pager (doesn't exist yet, but should be possible and has been requested)

Then we keep our same options as is. People can then rearrange these items using the tpl.php file.

Cloud in the sky UI would be using a drop down box to choose one of the 5 items above and insert it into a table. This table would be tabledrag enabled and you could sort the items and choose if they are at the top or bottom to output them in the order you would like.

I tried to figure out tabledrag the other day using a plugin like singleframe and couldn't quite figure out how to theme the form appropriately. If someone likes the idea and has more drupal foo than me maybe they can take a stab at it.

I'll try to come up with a patch for just the extra themeing.

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Here is the patch for the rearranging of the theme functions.

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This has been committed.

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