Hi all,

just one question to the users of this module. I´ve run a drupal site for the last 5 years, which have more than 10K posts.

After running the module, I´ve got obviously hundreds and hundreds of dead links from several disctint sources, making it nearly impossible to update them.

I think that it can be useful to have an option to remove broken links from the oldest posts automatically.

What do you think? Is there another easy way to get rid of this broken links?

Thanks in advance!


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You are able to go into "Edit link settings" and disable link checking. The links cannot really removed, they can only be disabled.

I thought about a time based disable feature, but wasn't sure how long a default period should be. Maybe a year or so... not sure. I believe it should be a user configurable setting with a global default setting. If you are able to provide a patch I could take a look.

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Title: Option to remove broken links » Option to automatically disable broken link checks after specified period
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I've issues when we point links to Products, like " Buy the product here" and it links to the page the product can be bought at.
We've a lot of broken links as the products can be sold out and no longer in the webpage.
I think it would be appropriate after a particular time, the link should just point to the homepage of the product.
It would be great when the link is detected as broken, it is automatically re-directed to the homepage.

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I would suggest to make a condition on theme level or with a custom module or directly in the shop system that checks the sold-out status and removes the link automatically or unpublish the sold-out product. This should be basics functionality of a shop system. Fixing this with linkchecker sounds like the wrong way to me. This is more a bug of the shop system.

Aside, this is off topic to this issue here, too. This issue is only about - no longer checking links via cron if a broken link failed N or more times. This should save processing time.