Hi all,

I have been trying every possible setting to get this module to work. If I set a menu block to 1st Level (primary) then it appears as expected, but if it is 2nd Level (secondary) then it does not appear no matter what menu item is active. I have tried both with 6.x-2.2 and 6.x-2.x-dev.

Now here is what's weird. I tried creating a menu block with Administer as the parent item, set to 2nd level unlimited. So when I click on any Administer menu item, or Administer itelf, the menu block should appear, right? But it ONLY appears on 3rd level Administer items or below. In other words, 1st level leaves it always on, and 2nd level makes it appear on 3rd level links or below. So there is really no way to have it set to 2nd level.

So am I missing something here? Is there something weird about the particular website I'm working on that is causing this behaviour? Or is there some setting that I'm getting wrong? I have tried every possible combination of settings that I can find and nothing seems to work.

Thanks for your help!


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I'm getting the exact same problem here. Any clue what is wrong? I'm using v2.2


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I've updated to the latest dev release and it still isn't working.

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I just installed it (the last stable release) and nothing really happens. level 2, 3 blocks does not show as expected but if I go into those menu trees, they don't appear either.

It's too bad there isn't an actual example we could look at to see what the setting and end result should be. 10000 people using it, can't be wrong?

EDIT: Is it a firefox issue? Kinda works in IE... or is it just my firefox......

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-2.0

I spent a lot of time on this and eventually got it to work. I think I should share this experience with people who had similar problems on this module.

The idea is to display the primary links under the menu item on the left hand panel. I had following setup, and it worked the way I wanted. Any other configurations presented problems for me. Try it out and see if this helps:

Parent item:
- Menu: primary links
- Item: root of primary links

Starting Level:
- 2nd Level Secondary
- check “Make Starting Level Follow the Active Menu"
- Starting Level Will Be: Active menu item

After this the primary links under each menu item start to appear when menus are clicked.

When I tried to create menu block for individual menu item, the module didn't work.

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Here's my experience with it:

Using Primary Links as the Parent Item Menu:
Works well. Menu's show up or not as expected.

Using another menu as the Parent Item Menu:
- if I set the Starting Level to anything except 1, the menu's don't show up anywhere, regardless of the other settings.
- when the starting level is set to 1, it seems to work fine.

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Here's a workaround to only display blocks on pages that have a specific active menu.

  $match = FALSE;

  // block is visible if the node has the following active menu
  $menu = 'menu-my-menu';

  if (menu_get_active_menu_name() == $menu){
    $match = TRUE;

  return $match;

set the Parent Menu Item as 'menu-my-menu' (or whatever your menu is called), Starting Level to 1, and insert the snippet above into the Page Specific Visibilty form area.

snippet taken from here:

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My primary links menu has three levels deep, and if I use your settings, the menu disappears on the third level. If I make 1st level the starting level, that's the only way to make the menu appear at third level entries. But it isn't appearing correctly: it closes up and all children disappear. So that even though I'm on a third level menu entry, only the first level displays.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I tried creating a menu block with Administer as the parent item, set to 2nd level unlimited. So when I click on any Administer menu item, or Administer itelf, the menu block should appear, right?

Nope. When I exposed "parent item" as a basic option I created massive confusion. You probably don't want to use that option at all. If you do, you are essentially creating a new menu that is rooted at the item you picked. In this case the "Admin" link is the new root. When you configure "2nd level and lower", you are saying that you want to show the grandchildren of "admin" or lower. The children of "admin" are the 1st level. The admin link itself isn't part of the menu.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.