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Steps to Install

  1. Download Node_gallery, ImageAPI, Imagecache, optional and add-on modules desired.
    Node Gallery add-on modules:
    Node Gallery Access provides public, private and password protection for galleries.
    Node Gallery Display provides jquery slideshows for galleries.
  2. Unzip or unpack the modules on your computer.
  3. FTP or Upload the module folders with all the contents(as is) to the sites/all/modules folder.
    Reminder: all contributed modules go in (
  4. Goto: Administer > Site configuration > Clean URLs
    system path admin/settings/clean-urls
    Ensure that Drupal's clean URLs are enabled and working correctly.
    This is required for ImageCache to work properly.
  5. Goto: Administer > Site building > Modules
    system path admin/build/modules/list
  6. Enable Node Gallery, ImageAPI, ImageAPI GD2, Imagecache, Imagecache UI, Node Gallery Lightbox2 Integration(if needed) and optional or add-on modules desired. Lightbox2 Integration provides Lightbox2 functions.(Lightbox2 module is required)
  7. Save the settings to install (updates the database).
  8. Configure the Permissions (see next section).

Items Created at Install Time

  • 2 content types are created, Gallery and Gallery Image.
  • One gallery relationship using Gallery and Gallery Image content types.
  • Imagecache is set for cover, thumbnail and display.
  • ImageAPI photo quality is set to 75% (standard Drupal setting).

Configure Permissions

Goto: Administer > User management > Permissions
system path admin/user/permissions

>imagecache module
  view imagecache node-gallery-cover
  view imagecache node-gallery-display
  view imagecache node-gallery-thumbnail
Additional imagecache presets will be listed upon creation.
>node module
  access content
  administer nodes
  create node_gallery_gallery content
  create node_gallery_image content
  delete any node_gallery_gallery content
  delete any node_gallery_image content
  delete own node_gallery_gallery content
  delete own node_gallery_image content
  edit any node_gallery_gallery content
  edit any node_gallery_image content
  edit own node_gallery_gallery content
  edit own node_gallery_image content
Additional content types for new gallery relationships will be listed upon creation.
>node_gallery module
  administer node gallery
  view node gallery

Add-on Modules

>node_gallery_access module
  access password protected galleries without a password
  access private galleries
  edit password protected galleries without a password
  edit private galleries
>node_gallery_display module
  view user tab

Optional Module permissions (a few examples).

>Captcha module
  skip CAPTCHA
  access comments
  post comments
  post comments without approval
>Lightbox2 module
  download original image
  rate content
>nodewords module
  edit meta tags
>path module
  create url aliases
>views module
  access all views

( Save Settings )

Configure Pathauto if Installed

The Pathauto module creates automatic path aliases for nodes, users, and category terms, eliminating the need to create them manually. This way, your site is more user and search engine friendly, and more descriptive about its content. Using tokens with pathauto will create dynamic paths for your content.

Goto: Administer > Site building > URL aliases
system path admin/build/path/pathauto

>Node path settings
  Pattern for all gallery paths:
  Pattern for all gallery image paths:
Available tokens specific to node gallery:
[parent-node-gallery-path]  The path of the parent Gallery.
[parent-node-gallery-path-raw] Unfiltered path of the parent Gallery. warning-raw user input.
[parent-node-gallery-title]  The title of the parent Gallery.
[parent-node-gallery-title-raw] Unfiltered title of the parent Gallery. warning-raw user input.
Some examples:
Gallery path: photo-galleries/[title-raw]
Image path: photo-galleries/[parent-node-gallery-title-raw]/[title-raw]
Gallery path: gallery/[author-name-raw]/[title-raw]
Image path: gallery/pic/[author-name-raw]/[title-raw]

( Save configuration )

! All Done and Ready to Create Galleries !

All the necessary settings are in place at this point. Additional adjustments can be made to the ImageCache Presets and the Default Gallery Relationship. see ( HowTo: Configure Node Gallery ) in this Handbook.

Need help? Use the Drupal Post Installation ( Forum ). Please use a descriptive title for the post.
(or) Request support in the node_gallery ( issue queue ).

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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For upgrate from node_gallery 6.x-1.0-alpha8 to node_gallery greater/equal than 6.x-2.0-alpha9 visit this page with updateinformation

anandshahil11’s picture


I have integrated all modules required to Node Gallery , when i check the sites/default/files/

all images are avaliable , but i am not able to see these images.

during upload itself , one popup box comes and say:-

HTTP error 0 occured.

Please let me know what i am doing wrong over here.

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I had the same problem so i had to disable Flag Module. And now everything is ok, but i'm going to need Flag. so, disabling is not a solution.