I just checked out the dev of fckeditor.module v2 and img_assist 2 alpha4 -- when I click on the button in the fckeditor toolbar I get the window opened, but it says "Image Assist version is not supported". I poked around the code a bit, but I couldn't even find where that message was coming from.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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I guess you're using a CVS check out of Image Assist?

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yes-- should i try a downloaded version?

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That would work for the moment, but I'm going to make it work with CVS checkouts as well. I did not take into account CVS checkouts, they have no version line in the info file.

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Yep that was it-- a manually downloaded copy worked fine. Thanks for the clue-- I live in cvs so much I sometimes forget to try using a downloaded copy. When you get it patched post back and I'll test it for ya.

Thanks again.

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Title: img_assist v2: getting "Image Assist version is not supported" » Support CVS versions of img_assist
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Fixed in CVS

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