I've been playing around with the theme/template generator called Artisteer lately...and it's pretty slick for what it does, though it has some limitations. I'm tempted to make the purchase, but...

Is anyone aware of any other programs similar to Artisteer? I'm looking for something that can spit out themes that Drupal can easily assimilate easily without me needing to write them by hand. Any thoughts...?


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Artisteer is actually a pretty good product and is probably the current best theme generator for Drupal.
I've looked around for different programs to aid in theme development but there isn't too much to choose from.

I have an Artisteer licence and I use the program for mockups or getting an outline for a theme.
Overall I would definitely recommend it as long as you are aware of a few of its limitations which include:

  • It only generates fixed-width themes
  • All of the themes it generates will have the same regions and a bit of a similar feel
  • You will need to have some html/css knowledge to really make the themes shine
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I have learned a fair bit of html/css during my time with Drupal/Artisteer. Because of that, I recently figured out how to circumvent the fixed width issue (barring any alternative browser bugs...haven't checked for that yet...).

In any case, I agree that Artisteer is a pretty slick product, though I wanted to make sure there weren't any alternative choices i should try out. The main limitation that irks me (besides fixed width) is the limited layout options, as you said: you're pretty much limited to a primary content column and an assortment of sidebars.

But for the sake of what I'm trying to accomplish, I'll probably just go with it.

Granted, if anyone else has an opinion in the matter, I wouldn't mind hearing it!

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Can you please explain in laymans terms how to get over this fixed width issue.

What I want is a way to make the Artisteer "sheet" expand to a percentage of the screen width perhaps with the "background" taking 5% each side.

I know it is a CSS issue but that is about it.

I have very low skills so a how to do it rather than a what do to would be appreciated.



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I've been having some trouble using the Artisteer themes. it keeps making words fly out of my panels / blocks and my page doesnt line up properly. Could this have something to do with the "fixed width" limitation?

I had a really nice theme but every time I try to apply it, it never works properly. Is there any way to fix the theme generated by Artisteer? I have HTML knowledge but limited in CSS. Are there any tutorials I could watch to learn how to make a theme that works for my site?

Email me, or respond here.

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I too have been looking at Artisteer since it was bigged up in PCPro magazine. I like it and will probably buy it unless I find a better alternative.

I assume the fixed width problems can be fixed by using percentages in the CSS (with bug fixes for IE6 and IE7 naturally - Artisteer seems to build these for you).

For IE CSS bugs, I suggest you check out "CSS: The missing manual", "Bulletproof Web Design" and "The CSS Anthology". IMO, the first is a classic and essential reading.

I have one question though about Artisteer and Drupal themes in general.

I'm new to Drupal (about a month) and I'm trying to learn about 6 things at the same time.

In Artisteer, when you select Drupal for your target environment the layout is restricted to one sidebar on the left and/or right. If your target is company HTML you can select two sidebars on the left.

Is this a restriction of Drupal or is this a restriction that Artisteer have imposed for some reason? For example, if I were wacky and wanted three sidebars on the left and one on the right with a narrow main content area could this be done using Drupal themes? (i.e. ignoring Artisteer). Or, does Drupal impose this restriction?

From what I've read, I've got the impression that the layout of the page is not restricted in any way by Drupal. Is this true?

If so, I would use Artisteer to build the general look and feel of a theme then manually edit the CSS etc. to add regions I want. Can this be done? (I know I'd have to manually edit the .info file).

BTW. I developed my first Artisteer theme on my main machine which has a 22" CRT monitor. It looked great. When I looked at it on a 21" TFT monitor on Windows 7 it looked awful! I think I'll develop on TFTs in future!

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Hi you are not limited to the regions created by artisteer . You guys might want to take a look at panels module to complement layout with artisteer.
I am seriously considering buying artisteer except of course someone lends me his keys :D