This simple patch (applies to 4.3.2) will automatically populate the comment form's subject field with "Re: whatever" when you post a reply to a comment that has a subject of "whatever".

--- comment.module.old  Fri Jan 23 12:36:13 2004
+++  Fri Jan 23 12:36:26 2004
@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@
       theme("box", t("Reply"), t("This discussion is closed: you can't post new comments."));
     else if (user_access("post comments")) {
-      theme("box", t("Reply"), comment_form(array("pid" => $pid, "nid" => $nid)));
+      theme("box", t("Reply"), comment_form(array("pid" => $pid, "nid" => $nid, "subject" => "Re: " . $comment->subject)));
     else {
       theme("box", t("Reply"), t("You are not authorized to post comments."));


Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

1. It would be nice to also inherit the node's title this way for top-level comments. :)
2. Please post these kind of patches in the project section under Drupal as a feature request (attach the patch as a file and set the status to 'patch')

Yog’s picture

OK, done, and done. :)