The way I currently want my site up I'd like to allow people to post comments anonymously and enter their own name without logging in, much like the commenting works on movable type or

I haven't been able to find the appropriate setting and I'd appreciate any help.



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I'd like to have this feature too. Even better would be if the non-registered user's IP address could be shown also.’s picture

Doesn't this open up the possibility of abuse?


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Yes, this does open up your site to abuse, but also allows more posts from people who don't want to register. It would be nice to have the feature of logging the ip. This would greatly help in tracking down troublemakers.

I may hack this together myself, if I get anything usable, I'll post it here.


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I think this might already be done somewhere. Maybe I saw it in CVS, or was it a module (scratches head)?

Anyway, look around you should find it. It allowed Anonymous users to enter their name, email and website when posting comments.