With all good intents, téléversement is a very specific quebec term. It looks utterly ridiculous and unprofessional on a french site. The normal term is téléchargement. Yes, it's rather more unspecific, but it looks normal all over french speaking populations.

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Actually, if you use "transfert, transféré" consistently for upload, you solve the ambiguity (since people will tend to associate downstream with téléchargement) and it no longer looks funny.

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I don't have anything to do with translations other than I commit what's given to me (I'm rather uneducated in languages). If you correct the fr.po file I'll be happy to commit it. Patches are better but usually translations come in as complete files.

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Fair enough, patch attached.

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The Québecois translations could go into an fr-ca file rather than being overwritten and deleted.

see also:

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I renamed the existing fr.po file to fr-ca.po and applied the patch to the existing fr.po file. Thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Actually, Televersement is not a common Quebec term at all. A quick google search will demonstrate that all the top results using that word are not in Quebec. In Quebec we say telechargement. Let`s be careful about how things are worded, so they do not get interpreted as disdain in an otherwise exemplary international effort; in this case it is not because the OP is uncertain of the origin of the word that it should be attributed to Quebec, and it is not because a term would be used in Quebec that it is necessarily inferior or less professional.

Televersement should not be in fr-ca either.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs review

Oops, sorry about that. I should have checked where the word came from, indeed. I'm too used to seeing "over-eager" translation of computer terms into canadian dialects, so I assumed where I should have checked.

My bad. Let me present my apologies for it.

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Based in the province of Quebec, I am a programmer and I've been a professional translator for over 26 years.
I have NEVER heard "téléversement". You're absolutely right about "téléchargement". That's what is commonly used.
It's not even French Canadian, based on my experience with Eastern and Western Canada francophone users.

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"It looks utterly ridiculous and unprofessional on a french site."

This is your personal opinion, it should not be a statement. "téléversement" is I think a very good translation for upload. It gives right away a very good idea of what it does.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry, my bad for this, maybe I was too much enthusiast for this.

I've been developing websites ans back-offices for them for 10 years, and in the real life (I mean, people who don't use kazaa, bittorrent or understand a word of 512K/128K fot their ADSL), end users don't know what "upload" means.

Apart from this you can't make a difference in the french language between upload and dowload.

Many trolls are on the web about this so I won't contribute to one of them, my goal was to translate fielfield module in french, end of discussion.

If it's improved by the people (I mean the real users, not the developers or geeky people), it's better !

Have fun, whereveer you live and whatever word you use for "upload" !

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Hi everyone, if you'd like the translation fixed, please submit a patch or a corrected, complete fr.po file. I'm completely lost on this discussion and I really don't care what word we use for Upload or anything else in any translation. If you post a po file, I'll put it in. Please post a new issue for any corrections, the original problem in this issue has already been solved with the first round of patches.