Proofread and tested. Should be fine for inclusion.

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Status: Active » Fixed

It has been added to CVS and will be in the next 1.x release. Thanks for your contribution! We hope you can keep this translation up to date in future versions, otherwise we are forced to remove it because it is not updated.

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OK, thanks. I think I can be a maintainer for the translation.

However, it seems rather harsh to me to completely remove it when it's not updated with new version. Many times I've encountered a module released with outdated template and/or language file...

But please advice me on the workflow - how would I know the next version is going to have some new or edited strings?

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An agreed upon workflow is not in place, but my idea was to have every release be preceded by a -rc1 release, after which the strings are fixed. We create the .pot file, and we notify all people that have contributed a translation in the past. The translators then update the translation and submit it back to us. Do you think that's a workable workflow?

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It is, provided there are actual changes in the template. Otherwise, it's fine by me. By the way you might want to spellcheck the English strings, I've noticed several typing errors in the template but didn't want to go as far as to edit multiple source files...

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