This is an issue for working on the text in this page.


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I just completed changing the look of my node types. So, where do I help out?

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Write some text! You can put the text directly in the issue (or attach the .html file that is in the advanced help), or if you're comfortable with how patches work you could supply a patch. Since the .html files are empty at this point just attaching one is pretty easy. Then set the issue status to 'needs review' and hopefully we can get some eyes on the text.

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Hi, I'm trying to modify the look of my content type story. And I have some issues about it.

I don't know how to add the node comments using comment-wrapper.tpl.php template. When I add the pane node comments that template is not using.

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Closing this issue as outdated as Drupal 6 ctools is not supported. If this issue is relevant for Drupal 7, feel free to re-open and mark for Drupal 7 (or 8)