I'm migrating roughly a thousand users from another site into a brand new drupal site. I'm going through a database and calling user_save(...); with the appropriate info.

This works great.

However, in the content profile I have things like their address, phone number, bio, all sorts of that information attached to a node. I know how to create a normal node programmatically, but how do I create a content profile node programmatically that is attached to a user?


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-= Mission Accomplished =-

I created a user, then set the uid of the node equal to the new author. That was all. For the benefit of anybody else needing this I've pasted it below (with table/column names edited to generic names).

Note: Transferring old user passwords like I am in this snippet will only work if the previous developer was FAIL and left the database passwords plain-text.


  require_once './includes/bootstrap.inc';

  $query = db_query("SELECT * FROM {OldUserTable}");

  while ($row = db_fetch_array($query) ) 
    $userData = array( 'name' => $row['ID'], 'pass' => $row['PASSWORD'], 'mail' => $row['EMAIL'], 'status' => 1, 'roles' => $role );  
      $time = time();
      $new_user = user_save('', $userData);
        $profile_node = new stdClass();
        $profile_node->title = $new_user->name;
        $profile_node->body = '';
        $profile_node->type = 'profile';   // Your specified content type
        $profile_node->created = $time;
        $profile_node->changed = $time;
        $profile_node->status = 1;
        $profile_node->promote = 0;
        $profile_node->sticky = 0;
        $profile_node->format = 1;       // Filtered HTML
        $profile_node->uid = $new_user->uid; // UID of content owner
        $profile_node->field_first_name[0]['value'] = $row['FIRST'];
        $profile_node->field_last_name[0]['value'] = $row['LAST'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['street'] = $row['ADDRESS'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['city'] = $row['CITY'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['province'] = $row['STATE'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['postal_code'] = $row['ZIP'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['country_name'] = 'United States';
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['phone'] = $row['PHONE'];
        $profile_node->field_location[0]['fax'] = $row['FAX'];
      catch (Exception $e) 
        echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "\n";
    catch (Exception $e) 
      echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "\n";
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Thanks for the code, but it's just generating entries in the database without ever finishing.

Has there been any changes to the module that might affect this?

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It's better to omit the format when saving nodes. That way, node_save() will use the default format for the content type. I used your code, but ran into weird permission problems. After a lot of debugging, I noticed our site does not have an input filter with ID 1 at all.

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My use case:
List of contacts with extensive 'content profile' information (no user).
When a new user registers.
If their profile exists; tie the user to the existing content profile...

Any ideas?

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This is brilliant!

Almost exactly what I need...except...I am working with /node/add/profile as admin user and I want to create an entry in users table for a newly created content profile instead of the Content Profile module trying to link it up the admin user. Basically, I want to give admin user ability to create a new user + their content profile... this is proving to be a nightmare ...

How can I accomplish this outside of modifying Content Profile modules hook_node_api ...??

Desperate for help....