I have done everything that I have read at the drupal handbook:

- I have edited the conf.php file, adding the following line: $languages = array("es" => "spanish", "en" => "english");
- I have looked to my locales table, and I see that really there is a row for the spanish language

However, my drupal is still in english. I have searched at the drupal directory in my server, and I can´t find a spanish or english language file. Is that normal?

What more must I do to translate drupal to spanish? Thanks in advance.


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You will have to translate your site into spanish yourself, using the Administer>Localization option.

On the other hand, in CVS there is already a spanish translation present, I'm not sure if it's possible to use this CVS version in a the current 432 release. See cvs.drupal.org in the contributions repository.