I'm an advanced og and domain user, but I'm not sure what this module does. Are you saying that this provides:

1) a subdomain per og; or
2) an og that is confined to one domain.

or something else?


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In other words, if this module does 1) then it would be analogous to http://drupal.org/project/subdomain

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Short answer: 2.)

Detailed answer:

This module is similar to subdomain, but not the same.

It allows you to add domains, and map them to groups. When you are on a domain, the og context and theme can be forced if you enable (I chose to disable it by default, because it may make funny things with other modules).

The original purpose of this module is to be able to create something like a highliy integrated lightweight "multisite", but without database splitting and and some side effects.

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hi, i hv not used this module yet but i'm so curious about what it does.

what i am looking for and trying to do for my OG site is, i want my users to be able to have their own domain name, as a subdomain to my pre-ready domains.

e.g. i'm going to provide .no1.com & .no2.com

so the Group creator will just need to choose to which domain would they like www.example.no1.com or www.example.no2.com

is this what this module does?

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Title: Detailed description » Please provide some documentation

Thanks for the module, which looks like it's got a lot of potential, but I'm getting page not found errors and have no idea where to start looking. Perhaps it's because I've got a multisite installation?

It would be great if you could provide a bit more info as to how this module does what it does, and more detailed installation and configuration instructions.

For, instance - does one need to set up virtual hosts like the domain access module, or is there any special DNS configuration stuff that needs to be set up? Does it work on multisite installations?

The domain access module provides a great README.txt file: http://drupalcode.org/viewvc/drupal/contributions/modules/domain/README.... with use-cases so it's really clear as to when and how to use the module, and what results you can expect from it...

Not that anyone would expect you to go that far ;-) but I think it would help to have more than the instruction you provide on the project page.

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Hi to all

first i have asked is it right path ?
include './sites/default/modules/og_domain/og_domain.url.inc';
i think it should be
include './sites/all/modules/og_domain/og_domain.url.inc';
i am using this path include './sites/all/modules/og_domain/og_domain.url.inc'; and try to create a domain but no gain.
i have a main domain mydomain.com and create a sub domain by using this module

test.mydomain.com but it is no working
Please provide some more stuff for installation and using purpose (video etc) thanks

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this module needs a readme file.

consider adding this code snipet for settings.php with the instructions:

 * Multisite settings: Organic Groups domain support (og_domain)
 * Add the og_domain module setup routine.
$module_ogdomain_enabled = TRUE;
$module_ogdomain_inc = './sites/all/modules/og_domain/og_domain.url.inc';
if ( file_exists($module_ogdomain_inc) && $module_ogdomain_enabled == TRUE ) {
  include_once $module_ogdomain_inc;
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The path can vary depends on where you installed the module.

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Status: Active » Needs review

I have added a README.txt with some basic information.

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there is no way to guess the path.
you can either define the standard path (/sites/all/modules)
or do a trial-error loop with some defined paths (not recommended)

hence my suggestion with the standard path
there should follow a remark noting the path might be different.

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The modules are usually installed under sites/all/modules. However modules can be in various places (sites/*/modules/*, sites/*/modules/*/*, profiles/*/modules etc), so that it why I wrote it that way.

I won't do a trial-error loop, because settings.php runs on every page load, and there is no way to save values from there, so would be just the waste of resources.