Hi all,

Have just installed drupal with godaddy and am wondering where I can physically find the root folder so I can add more modules and themes etc...sorry probally a very basic question but am a complete newbie to all this web stuff.......I didnt use my own FTP connection but was all set up with godaddy(i think !!)...

Thanks for anyone who can give me bit of info...much appriciated!!!


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The home, or root, directory is the first directory that opens when you connect to your domain name with FTP. Any folders in this directory are considered a sub-folder of the root directory. For example, in the domain name coolexample.com, a sub-folder would be 'example1' in the URL 'coolexample.com/example1'.

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The root directory is the directory where you must place the PHP, or HTML files to make them visible as content of the web site.

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Create a modules folder and a themes folder these should be added to the sites/all directory where godaddy put your drupal site on the server you then add your modules and themes to these folders

Download filezilla @ http://filezilla-project.org/
# FTP Address or Hostname: Your Domain Name
# FTP Username & Password: You selected both of these during account creation