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I wasn't aware of the exportables module until, just, after creating this one (thanks Robert Douglass).

I'm reviewing the exportables module, from what I have seen I like its approach. I'm in favour of joining forces, it looks like the exportables project is in its infancy and could use some contributors.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

The current trend seems to be towards CTools: Exportables API. In an effort to consolidate and avoid fragmentation, I think I'm going that route.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

Reopening to reflect and - two Features issues detailing the inclusion of vocabulary support. Note, however, that terms import/export is left to be supported by other modules.

Given these very recent developments, should development of this branch head in this direction to avoid duplication? If so, I may be able to devote some resources to this.

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Hi c.ex! Great to hear the interest in a taxonomy_export / features integration!

I'm extremely busy at the moment, but am happy to open taxonomy_export CVS to a few contributors who are interested in cleaning up the 2.x branch.

Anyone interested?

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Also extremely busy, but extremely interested in progress in this arena and may be able to devote time to it in the future, so "subscribe", if you will - and I'll re-visit when time/client needs permit. =)

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Great to see the support! After I've wrapped up my latest project, I'll see if I can't devote some cycles to this myself.

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Title: Duplicate Module » Taxonomy export features / exportables integration

Changing title to reflect new direction of the discussion.

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So, just to float some ideas around until I (or some other brave soul) can sit down to write a preliminary patch for this. Am I right in assuming that we'll need some way to manage machine names for terms, much in the same way Features is managing machine names for vocabularies?

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Title: Taxonomy export features / exportables integration » Taxonomy export features integration

Changed the title to eliminate any ambiguity (the CTools API, which is used by features, versus the module).

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regarding machine names, in the 2.x branch I have a bunch of logic for generating and maintaining machine names for vocabularies, but not individual terms.

Likely this code will need an overhaul as it was written quite a while ago. I'm guessing features + exportables has something to help solve this problem?

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Surely CTools has something for that already in its API? I wouldn't know because I've never used it - thinking out loud here. Maybe this will help:

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Version: 6.x-1.0-beta1 » 6.x-2.x-dev

Changing version to 2.x branch as that's where the Features integration is currently present.

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FYI, over in taxonomy_xml 2.0 I've been doing a lot with feature imports. (Exports, not so much)
Here is a sample, should (hopefully) work with taxonomy_xml 6.x-2.0
NZGLS (New Zealand Government Locator Services) Taxonomies

Taxonomy_xml is striving to be platform agnostic and its import and export formats avoid any Drupalisms - RDF taxa are the format of choice, though a half dozen alternatives are also consumed.

Taxonomy_xml is looking towards the source taxonomies being shared, remote resources, retrieved on-the-fly form URLs or web services - not distributed as files. I can do files (a dozen samples are included with the distro, and can also be distributed wih features now), but I'd rather do remote updates.
EG The MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) index I'm redistributing for (remote) re-import to your own site

... this therefore has a number of differences from this project, but maybe there is also some common ground

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