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Instead of downloading the ZF Components as a compressed archive, developers might find it advantageous to checkout a copy of the code from the subversion repository hosted on All releases of the ZF components are tagged in the following URL: Development versions of the ZF components are available at Note that development version of the module do not have corresponding ZF component releases, so they must be downloaded from the appropriate subversion branch. In the event that the ZF components need to be upgraded, developers can simply execute a subversion switch command to change their working copy to the desired release.

The following example illustrates a checkout processes on Unix-like systems via command line, but the same principles can be applied to GUI subversion clients and other platforms. It assumes that version 2.0 of the Search Lucene API module has been downloaded, extracted, and then uploaded to 'sites/all/modules'.

$ cd sites/all/modules/luceneapi
$ svn checkout lib

In the fictitious scenario where upgrading to the 2.4 release of Search Lucene API also requires an upgrade of the ZF components, the next example changes the installed version by executing a subversion switch command.

$ cd sites/all/modules/luceneapi/lib
$ svn switch .

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