we are using clone menu to clone our primary links menu, and are finding that is is not auto updating when the original menu gets changed, what would be use is a button to "refresh" or "reclone" the original cloned menu to make it up to date once more

Thanks for a really handy module though

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This is indeed a nice one... Will work on it for a later release (after the current release can be marked as 'stable').

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Just to give a small heads up on this... The package will include an extra module 'Clone sync' which can be enabled separately from the main module 'Menu clone' and activates the extra functionality. Dev is coming along nicely on this feature:

Already done:
- Added an option on the clone form to let the user decide whether to keep the menu in sync or not.
- Display warning messages on clones and source menu's that are being kept in sync to inform the user that edits will be synced or might be overwritten. The message is different depending on being on a source menu or clone of a menu.
- Changes to the 'Menu title' and 'Menu description' are already synced with the clone, that was the easy part :-)
The rest of the skeleton (hooks and framework) is fully in place for further dev.

- The most important syncing: the syncing of menu items, which is a bit more complex than the stuff mentioned above

Config page allows:
- Enabling / disabling of warning messages displayed when viewing a source / destination menu or when editing a source / destination menu (item)
- Fine grained settings on what needs to be synced and what not: menu title, menu description, menu item title, menu item link, menu item properties

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has the sync feature been implemented for D7?

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It has not...

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Hi malc0mn,
Nice work on the module! The clone sync functionality is exactly what I need for a current project. I can see the code in master branch, whats its current state? Testable? How can I help?


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Phew, that's old code :-) I've been concentrating on a full release of one of my other projects prod_check which is consuming quite a bit of time, thats why menu_clone and others have to wait :(

The skeleton of the code to keep the clones in sync is indeed in the head section, but as I mentioned it's quite old. I can't remember by heart what my plan was again, but knowing myself I probably put TODOs throughout the code and in the commit messages.

Could possibly be that it needs to be rethought from scratch, but I remember that I needed to actually link the menu's together somehow and especially link the menu items together to see what needs to be synced. And that's where I left off, if memory serves me well, thinking 'but what if the clone starts to differ too much from the source, what if users start to mess with the weights etc.' ;-)

If you wish to finish / rethink the code I'm happy grant you maintainer access to the project. Just drop me a line :-)