• March 4, 2015 8:15

    Commit 6c2d530 on 8.x-1.x
    Fix undefined index issue in shortcodes
  • Add node--forum
    Work around the issue where comment_forum is not caught by the node template since it appears to use comment field name, rather than comment as a field type.
  • Strip replace target to properly set generated files path
    Some themes are in a sub-directory, we have to know where this is on install.
  • Enable extensions by default
    Enable most extensions, open Extensions form, turn on lots of options by default - this aids discovery but we may turn this off before official release, needs user feedback.
  • Font weight normal first by default
  • Remove drupal_render
    Replace with the rederer service.
  • Fix menu name original class not printing
    Use preprocess instead, for some reason this was failing as a variable passed to twig template.
  • Reduce specifity and cleanup CSS
    First pass as stripping out unnecessary decendant selectors, removing excessive clear-fixing and other minor changes. Slight change to how list-horizontal mixin works - you can now pass in a list item selector - this helps reduce specificty by not relying on the UL root selector. Start general shift to removing as many element selectors as possible and ony using classes.
  • CSS files with based on new icon font variables and search result styles
  • Icon variables
    Review and clean up font icon variables, make sure every icon has a unique variable in _varaibles and is used in the relevant partial, make the actual icon font a variable also to make it easiser to globally change the icon font.
  • Organise and add templates
    Move system block templates into templates system folder, add search result template
  • Remove un-used rss svg icon file
    RSS svg icon is now inline in the feed icon template.
  • UIKit updates
    Add styles for forum, aggregator, plus many minor updates and tweaks to the system.
  • Smart paths to generated new themes
    Issue #2429317: Theme generator does not create theme folder in custom when base theme is located in contrib
  • Change main navigation block title to "Menu"
  • RSS Icon as inline SVG
  • Minor JS update
    Add some some comments and a generic test file where I can run tests for free.
  • Forum and Aggregator changes
    Add templates and functions for forum and aggregator theming.
  • Remove or fix VERSION
    Remove from info file, since the packaging script always adds the version, declare specifically in library info files since the script does not change these or add new ones.
  • Change Flipslide, style nodes and comments, search block
    Change FlipSlide to Mega Nav, make comment and node submitted and meta markup consistant, add card styles and start refining how Responsive menus will work in the header and leaderboard regions, also how the search will work in those regions. Restyle search to use a button by default. In short this is the first commit that starts pushing the Standard theme towards being a real usable theme, and opening the door for the AT Minimal theme to come back as a minimalist alternative.
  • February 19, 2015 12:23

    Commit aea1292 on 8.x-1.x
    authored by andirez, committed by Jeff Burnz
    Fix typo in Responsive menus extension
  • Update comment component selectors
  • Fix comment user picture
    Remove the old user_view() idea and use drupal_render() in the user picture variable instead
  • Remove at-root, add border to list style seven tabs
    Previously AT used @at-root as a way of making RTL extremely obvious in the code, however this is really an abuse of at-root and we should use ampersand pre-pend.
  • Update and fix shortcode whitespace control classes
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