If I download the latest greatest CVS version using the link http://drupal.org/drupal/cvs/drupal/drupal-cvs.tar.gz, should I expect to get a basically working version of Drupal? (Modulus any unintended bugs :->).

I.e., are CVS checkins only allowed that maintain a constantly working Drupal, or can developers checkin partially completed work with more to follow?

The reason I ask is that I can get 4.3.2 running without a problem under 1and1.com's cgi/php, but when I try the CVS version (as of 10 mins ago) using exactly the same steps I get a Server Error 500.

thanks in advance. Drupal is SO cool!


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You should not be getting a 500. I just updated drupal.org to HEAD so something is wrong on your end.

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Thanks. Any suggestions on how to debug this? Is there some switch I can enable (in conf.php maybe) that will write a text log file? Unfortunately on this virtual hosted service I don't get much access to real error logs.

Note (again) that 4.3.0 installs without error.

I'd like to contribute by finding the problem for you, so any debug hints would be helpful.

cheers, michael

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I have the same trouble, 4.3.2 works but cvs gives "500 Internal Server Error". When checking apache log I get this "malformed header from script. Bad header=HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found".

Using Win98, apache 1.3.27, php4.2.3.

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This seems to a problem only the first time you access the site. When I first try to access the site http://www.example.com/ I get the 500-error, using http://www.example.com/user I can create a admin account and after that everything works.

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Please check this bugreport.

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do you have your drupal installation in a subdirectory, ie. accessible with a url like http://yoursite.com/drupal/? then you have to change the

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

in .htaccess to

ErrorDocument 404 /drupal/index.php