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Throughout Drupal you will find the concept of a Teaser. A teaser is a short piece of text, usually the first paragraph or two of an article. This text is then displayed in most lists, including the default home page (/node). Many modules (including Views) are designed to work with node teasers, and the concept of a "teaser" vs the node "body" is integral to the workings of Drupal core and the Drupal UI.

The length of the default teaser can be modified. You will be able to change the number of words after which Drupal attempt to break the text cleanly. When the length of the content exceeds the set limit, a link to "Read More" will automatically be displayed. In Drupal 6, click Administer > Content management > Post settings.

In Drupal 7, the instructions are a little more complex, but you get more flexibility as this setting can be changed on a per-content type basis.

  1. click Administer > Structure > Content types.
  2. click the "Manage display" link for the content type you wish to edit
  3. click "Custom Display Settings" to drop down its settings
  4. make sure "Teaser" is enabled. Save the content type if you had to make a change.
  5. you should see a "Teaser" sub-tab. Click it.
  6. make sure the Format is set to "Summary or trimmed".
  7. click the gear widget on the right side of the settings
  8. set the trim length and click "Update"
  9. click the "Save" button

Some modules help you to display different content, or different versions of that content in 'teaser' view vs full 'body' view. image.module for example inserts a thumbnail of an image into the teaser, while you see a page-sized version when viewing the node.

CCK provides many features under Administer › Content management > Content types allowing you to fine-tune what does and doesn't show as a teaser.

Teaser break

The length of the teaser can be overridden when editing the node content itself and allows you to choose a logical length for the introduction. In Drupal 6 the edit interface gives you the option to "Split Summary at Cursor". Using that button will visually divide your edit area into [teaser] and [the rest of the content].
Some of the Drupal contributed WYSIWYG editors also provide that feature in their own way, when configured to do so.

Show summary in full view

When you first 'split' a teaser from the body content, it is still treated as part of the page when the full page is displayed. This is the easiest, and most intuitive way for automatically-generated teaser text to work. A reader always sees [teaser] and [the rest of the content] without seeing any break.

For more control, better grammar, or to make the teaser text more promotional in nature when the first paragraphs on their own don't adequately describe the node, you can choose to not "Show summary in full view".

If you choose this option, the custom description will not be displayed as part of the full-text. Your full text should be complete, and make sense alone, and your teaser, which is used to entice readers to click "Read more" can be entirely different from the text that appears in the actual item.

Some more reading: Using teasers for effective SEO

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


TechnoBuddhist’s picture

For those who chose the minimal install rather than standard, you need to enable the Field UI module to see the "Manage display" link.

Mguel’s picture

Drupal is so unintuitive!!!!

couldn't do a thing with teasers, searching for hours... looked at the supposed to be a link text... they think we live to understand drupal... some kind of mystery game? A shame that I don't have time to switch to wordpress or any user friendly CMS

Mguel’s picture

No luck... I already had Field UI active... f drupal 7... never should have made a new site with it, should go back to d6 or even d5, far more effective, intuitive and straight forward

morthylla’s picture

I have been trying to find how to disable teasers (and trimmed view) in Drupal 7. As Drupal 7 is new and there are several changes, is it possible that somebody who knows how to do it includes it in the documentation?

dman’s picture

What do you mean by 'disable' teasers? As a core concept, teasers will always be available to the Drupal system. It's like asking to 'disable' users.
Until you start building your own views, any time a list of content is displayed, what you will see is probably a list of teasers.
If you want to change the display, length or editing of teasers, that's an OK question.

I'm guessing that what you really want is to set the teasers to not truncate as normal. So set the default length to 'unlimited' in the settings, and each time you see a node display, you'll see the whole thing. It's still a 'teaser' view (display mode) however, and can still have different display options from full view set.

altavis’s picture

At Administration » Structure » Content types choose Manage Fields. You need to change Field type to Long text instead of Long text and summary.
You will also need to change node.tpl.php.

escoles’s picture

This will only work if you have never entered any content in the field.

kdinn’s picture

Is it possible to override the layout of teaser displays?

I know you can add or remove fields but these are just listed in teasers, I would like to control the layout of it using all the power of views and panels. Is it possible to define a view block which is applied to all instances of teaser display?

escoles’s picture

Would be nice if the page could document a way of making the Summary field mandatory, or at least displaying it by default. In the current implementation, users must click 'Edit Summary.'

wmike’s picture

I have set the teaser as described above.

However, when articles (nodes) are presented in a list on a page (based on the taxonomy) - the teaser length is different for each one - some have a couple of paragraphs, some one line and some nothing at all.

I can't seem to be able to sort this.

Any suggestions, please?



ronline’s picture

I had a problem with a missing missing summary field for content type “page”.
I had to edit edit the "Administration › Structure › Content types › Page > Long text and summary" and check the “Summary input”. Guessing if it shouldn't be added into documentation after the step 7.

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The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
I get this error while doing this step from the youtube video: Drupal 8 Beginner, Lesson 36: Managing Teaser Display.