It would be helpful if the overview list could provide additional information about the status of menu items and url alias, for the nodes and their translations. Does a menu item exist? Any duplicates? Does an URL alias exist? Any duplicates?

You could provide additional info per translation:
- Small variations in the icons, which indicate url aliases and menu items.
- An additional link which includes a language switch (".../de/german-alias", even if the user is currently viewing the english version). The purpose is to get an idea of the different aliases.
- A direct edit link, in addition to the "view node" link.
- Information about the menu item: Is the menu item set to the same language as the node it links to? Usually, if I add a menu item via "Menu settings" in the node edit form, the menu item will be "all languages".

Some of this could also be put in tooltips, if you want to keep it compact.
Or, you could let the user decide which details to show or hide in the table.


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those sound like great requests but i don't have a lot of time for development right now since i'm not using this on a current site.

one thing about more variations on the icons is that you start getting a huge number of permutations and i'm not sure if/how usability would suffer as a result.