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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:59

Release notes

The 1.17 release of Fivestar fixes several critical issues since the 1.15 release. Most notably, anonymous users were unable to rate content since the security fix included in 1.15. This version corrects this problem, as well as serious problems when saving CCK field ratings and displaying average ratings in Drupal 5. Upgrading to the 1.17 release is highly encouraged for all users of Fivestar.

(Note that the 1.16 release that was briefly available had a CVS tagging problem that made it actually contain a copy of the beta 2.x version, this version is the correct archive.)

Bug Fixes:
#481640: Problem with page cache and token - anonymous users can't vote with page caching
#466058: Omit Fivestar from RSS feeds
#368497: Node reference field not available as a target if shared between types
#194185: Duplicate IDs cause validation errors on multiaxis rating on a node in 6.x-1.15 version (Drupal 6 only)
#483458: Average vote shown in Views, even when displaying user's vote
#474788: Target field empty in fivestar CCK values
#386822: Disable custom star colors with private files
#482088: Must "Cancel Vote" Twice To Clear Star Display and Description
#480050: fivestar_validate_target was not called in nodeapi view
#322087: Search module includes fivestar output into the indexed words
#450330: Fiverstar_static doesn't show average count (Drupal 5 only)
#466194: images/hook.png is missing
#497888: Fivestar comments saving wrong value for the first time

New Features:
#421800: Show Number of Stars instead of Percentage in Views (Drupal 6 only)
#410154: Performance: fivestar_static() queries for current user's vote even if it's not displayed (Drupal 6 only)

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