Last updated 21 May 2010. Created on 28 June 2009.
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Installing Solr search engine on Drupal 6.x


  • Apache Solr Search Integration 6.x-1.0” module for Drupal. It should work with a more recent version too.
  • Two remote web hosting servers*
    • First server will host the Solr engine.
    • Second server will host the Drupal website and the module “Apache Solr Search Integration”
      *Note that you could use only one server. But in this handbook we will use two servers. Two servers offer better scalability and performance.
  • First web hosting server (Solr engine) must have at least 360MB of RAM (memory).
  • Second web hosting server (Drupal, Virtualmin, Webmin) most have at least 512MB of RAM. I never tried with less than 512MB. 360MB might work. But 256MB will NOT work properly.
  • Each web hosting servers most have:
  • One local home computer with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition 32bit version. Nothing will be hosted on this computer. It will be use to access the two remote web hosting servers. Note that you could use Windows or Macintosh for your local home computer. But in this handbook we will use Ubuntu Desktop.
  • Drupal 6.12 on second server.

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