I dont know why, but I cannot run the rebuild permissions in post settings. When I select rebuild permissions, it appears to be loading for a second, then goes to the node settings page. No permissions rebuild done.

Also, this may or may not be related, the update.php goes straight to the frontpage when I am at the point of starting the updated of the database.

I use drush to get around issues with slow response and update.php, but do not have a command line work around for rebuilding permissions. Ideas?


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Also, while troubleshooting this issue, I found that the node_access table gets truncated when I run the rebuild in the web interface and then it dumps back to the other page...

At least that tells me that it is actually in the process when something goes bad..

Is there some temp folder or something that it needs to write to? I am not seeing anything in syslog, apache, or in the drupal watchdog logs indicating what the problem is. It is very frustrating..

I build a clean 6.12 dev site, installed the modules... When I installed FriendList, the problem showed up there too... I uninstalled friendlist and the problem stays..

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To rebuild permissions from the command-line: install drush and try

drush php-eval 'node_access_rebuild();'
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Works for me too, with D7. Thanks for the tip!

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worked on drupal 7.16. Thanks Kasper Souren, big help!

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I've created this drush extention to do this as a batch job on D7 - just running the php command times out on larger sites:


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Kudos @dafeder for https://github.com/dafeder/node_access_rebuild

Works great!

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Drush command drush php-eval 'node_access_rebuild()'

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For Drupal 8.4 this function still exists. So the Drush command method also still works:

# drush php-eval 'node_access_rebuild();'