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The audio module allows users to upload and playback audio files in Drupal.

Depends on: Token, Views, Views RSS

Needed by: Audio Attach, Audio Feeds, Audio getID3, Audio Images, Audio Import, Audio

Steps to follow:

1. Download and install the module normally, copied to the modules folder of your site.

2. Once the module is installed it procede on your configuration. In the folder of the module is to create a folder named gedit3 and another within the same folder with the same name, ie gedit3. Within it have to copy the following files to the proper functioning of the same: getid3.lib.php, getid3.php,, module.tag.apetag.php, module.tag.id3v1.php ,
module.tag.lyrics3.php, write.php, being as follows:
View Image 1

3. These files must be downloaded from the site with a link in getID3 library.

4. Once downloaded and copied the files it will be configurated the module. In Administer / Site Configuration / Audio Import Settings are configured as shown below, in the Import Path field, it displays the directory of the import of audio from the nodes, with the default installation creates files in the folder within your site and it creates a folder named audio.
View Image 2

5. In Administer / Site Configuration / Audio Settings is set in this way without doing any change, as appears by default in the figure. View Image 3

In this section we choose the player that will be used for audio, it can be changed by it according to your preference, just off the current and activating a new, to be clear that there are two types of players to extensions of audio, in this case for WAV and MP3. Is chosen in this case because the MP3 audio to load is the extension. As shown in the picture. View Figure 4

7. Once the module is configured to create an audio content. View Image 5

8. In Create Content / Audio establishing an audio, in the body becomes the name of the the audio, and Add a new audio file will be attached audio to be created, important to know that the audio should not exceed 2 MB. View Figure 6

9. It sends the audio and get a result page with audio files ready to listen. View Image 7

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