Since many users still eschew registration requirements, I hacked the forum.module a bit to allow anyone (anonymous or registered) to use a "display name". This avoids having a lot of posts from "anonymous".

The displayname is stored in the forum database table as an extra column and read in the module together with the real username. If set, the displayname will be shown in the forum pages instead of the username (or "anonymous"). Otherwise, either the real username or "anonymous" will be shown. To do this, I also touched the format_name function in, which I guess is a bad thing. Anyway, it works...

Anyone interested in my (honestly rather bad) hack?


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While I think it may be a good idea for some, how do you differentiate between a registered user "Brian" and an anonymous "Brian" simply so readers know who said what? (In my country, Brian is a very popular name)

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Well, the registered Brian would have a link to his user information, like it was before, while the "anonymous" brian would just be text, no link, like the Anonymous users have now.

Of course when two anonymous users use Brian, it get's confusing anyway...

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Definaly Good idea.
User who is not registered should be able to specify their name and email if they like.

How about making a good hack!!

Felix Zaslavskiy

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Since replies to forum topics are just comments (from the comments module), the 'display name'-things need to be available there too. It's a bit ridiculous to have people submit forum topics, but not comment on any...


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I would very much like to see this be a part of drupal. It should probably be optionally enabled/disabled in the admin area...

but it is definitley a feature I'd love to have.