Download cck-6.x-2.4.tar.gztar.gz 402.35 KB
MD5: e37388bf9061fa24df62e269a5c64fed
SHA-1: dae8581fc494c854daed717ab1250feab8448d07
SHA-256: 8d32673cfecc19cb33e7a9d44273b3a6bd4aa9a85c449ed68cc48ffdac07d672
Download cck-6.x-2.4.zipzip 537.28 KB
MD5: 6238875ef46f0323189a23fbd693cac7
SHA-1: 8ac974e194addf2ea2dea8b9b458831190d0bdaf
SHA-256: c064802da2b2445b26f5ee954beab4205cf9e8d6dbeaf47717b94107830a2f52

Release info

Created by: yched
Created on: 17 Jun 2009 at 11:16 UTC
Last updated: 17 Jun 2009 at 12:39 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Hotfix release for 2.3:
- #482774 Update breaks when CCK is disabled.
Note that Acquia-Drupal 1.2.11 already contains the fix.

Changelog from the 2.3 release:

Please visit update.php to apply pending updates after uploading the new files.

This release:
- fixes a few bugs,
- adds initial Panels 3 support (Panels 2 not supported),
- removes the unfinished Multigroup feature (work on this will continue in an experimental branch)

- #414298 by Michelle, merlinofchaos - Add Panels 3 integration for fields and fieldgroups.
- #419678 Views integration: expose CCK fields to 'Node revision' Views.
- #399778 by Benjamin Melençon - Nodereference / Userreference: Add 'size' setting to autocomplete widgets.
- #479044 by merlinofchaos - Add Panels 3 relationships for nodereference and userreference fields.

- #407446 by quicksketch: prevent double serialization during per-field to per-type migration.
Followup: update function to fix potentially existing corrupted data.
- #407344 fix html appearing in selects in Views filters.
- #409320 by bengtan: Nodereference / Userreference - fix 'this post cannot be referenced' for views-defined referenceable nodes/users, when the view definition has a 'limit'.
- #409398 by markus_petrux - fix handling of fieldgroup_types() (prep work for combo / multigroups)
- #356908 Number : Correclty filter 'prefix' and 'suffix' properties.
- #412058 by fago - Rules integration: Fixed condition 'field has value' when operating on viewed nodes.
- #413792 Views integration: fix fields using 'multiple formatters' and not 'group multiple fields'. Thanks Crell and quicksketch for the detective work.
- #421126 Views integration: Use value aliases in argument title replacements for text / number fields.
- #397358 by Darren Oh, yched, markus_petrux - Views integration: Use node title / user name in argument title replacements for nodereference and userreference argument fields.
- #428400 Views integration: Fix fatal error with Views 2.4 (views_handler_filter_float has moved). Preserved compatibility with Views 2.3.
- #447562 by markus_petrux: fix non-XHTML markup on 'Manage fields' screen.
- #369364 Views integration: fix non-XHTML markup when displaying fields with the 'group multiple values' option.
- #441412 by jcnventura - Add 'Print' display context on 'Display fields' pages when book.module is enabled.
- #458952 Let different modules defined the same build_mode information.
- #383038 by markDrupal - Userreference: fix broken 'reverse links' with fields in per-type table.
- #479074 by rickward: prevent minor XSS vulnerability when displaying user-submitted 'Body field' labels.
- #479994 by quicksketch: fix "add more' button with devel.module's query logging.


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