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This page is an attempt to help users understand the issues related to upgrading the Web Links module.

Keep in mind that it is always good practice to back up the database before attempting upgrades.

4.7 and earlier

There are many database changes since the new module developers took over. Not all of the changes and their impacts are necessarily known or documented here.

Probably the safest route to take would be to update to the last 5.x-1.x version first, then consider going to the 5.x-2.x or 6.x version.

The settings are more flexible and there are many more options. Most block related settings are now in the block administration pages.

Please note that some of the update functions may temporarily cause error messages before and during using update.php. Read any such messages carefully. For example, a message saying that a field could not be added to the table may be ignored if you verify that the field is indeed present.

5.x -> 6.x

Since the developers have also made this update, it should be fairly straightforward, with the possibility of needing to check any update messages carefully.

6.x-1.3 or earlier (including 5.x) -> 6.x-1.4 or higher

If you are upgrading from Weblinks 6.x-1.3, or earlier, to 6.x-1.4 or 6.x-2.x you must remove everything from the module folder first (do NOT "uninstall"); all the contributed modules have been moved to a new folder. Also all the blocks related stuff is now in a separate module called weblinks_blocks. If you use blocks please make sure you enable this module and review the Group settings page.

6.x-1.x -> 6.x-2.0 or higher

This new branch is a major change to using "node_view()" rather than a content display specific only to this module. This technique has many benefits, some of them are:

  1. All other modules can add their displays as normal (such as Image Attach, Five Star, RealName, etc.)
  2. This allows the site administrator the ability to much more easily theme the links in a manner that she/he wishes.
  3. Cleans up some stuff that is no longer needed.
  4. Makes it easier to enable only the optional pieces that are desired for the site.
  5. Better sets the stage for D7.

Some settings have gone away or had their values changed. Most of the changes are taken care of by the update functions, but it is always good to review all your settings.

You will almost certainly see differences in the appearance of the links. Some of the CSS has changed and there is less reliance on the distributed CSS and more on your theme's CSS. The bulk of the display is handled in the theme layer, so you are free to customize it the way you want.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.