Is it possible to force the user to select his country before he enters the store?

I think about something like that:

If he selects his country, it should be possible to save this in the cookie/session, and show him the correct price:

inclusive tax => in EU
exclusive tax=> not in the EU

best way will be to select the language at the same time (if there is i18n)

England (in EU) => Language exists: take english / TAX: with taxes
Germany (in EU) => Language exists: take german / TAX: with taxes
SPAIN (in EU) => Language "spanish" does not exist: take standard language (e.g. english) / TAX: with taxes
Argentina ( not in EU) => Language "spanish" does not exist: take standard language (e.g. english) / TAX: without taxes
USA ( not in EU) => Language exists: english / TAX: without taxes

is it possible?

Chears! I like your work!

PS: sorry for my english


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I am also looking for something like this

I am using this module for State Tax and would like to be able to specific the state before entering Ubercart

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+1 for this

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This likely won't be a feature of uc_vat itself, as this could be useful to other users - preselecting the country or determining it via geolocation in some way may be helpful for all stores. Feel free to discuss possible implementations here, however!

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dumping my idea^^

to avoid the problem of pre-selecting the first VAT, which is not always the intended VAT, i'd recommend this:
- optional integration with a Multiprice module (there's 4 or 5 of those), a Geo module (Location for example) or a Language module (selected language on l18n, harder to do)
- read the main VATs associated with the user (through defined shipping and billing addresses) from previous purchases

some multi-price / multi-currency and l18n modules:
- (abandoned)

more here -
some aren't published and i fetched them from ubercart forums

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I request my users to enter certain details via profile.module.
Then via a custom module (too specific to share) I do a hook_user and set the country to be used in uc_multiprice from the profile details upon logging in.
(My site requires users to login to use the shop as it is a wholesale webshop and not for retail customers)

 * Implementation of hook_user().
function custommodule_user($op, &$edit, &$account, $category = NULL) {
  if ($op == 'login') {
    global $user;

The reason I'm not using uc_multiprice methods of country determination are mentioned here;

Haven't looked into showing the price including VAT yet based on the users country yet... will post back if I find a solution to that.


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Status: Active » Needs work


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This issue came up again and I might have another solution. As I wrote before my store requires customers to log in but if this is not the case for you maybe you could create a small custom module.

With this module you could do a color/lightbox like page overlay requiring a customer to select their country before they can do anything on the page. You could inject this lightbox overlay when the session var country_id is missing. It's a similar solution to websites promoting alcohol where you have to select your date of birth before you can enter the site / view the pages.

Maybe this helps in such a setup;