Everything was working fine and I was really enjoying using this module until I updated to WYSIWYG API and installed the FCKeditor. I enabled the module and went to site configuration > WYSIWYG to change some settings but I cant select the FCKeditior even though it shows as installed. I tried some of the others and TinyMCE is the only one that seems to work.

Guys I am really new to Drupal and if there is a solution I would really appreciate a step by step guide on how to fix it if possible.


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Same problem, just upgraded to this version and the dropdown selection of editors is greyed out and showing TinyMCE. I also have FCKEditor and YUI.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

You need to Remove the old editor profile from the input format before you are able to select a new one.
If you remove an editor library without first removing the profile, Wysiwyg API does not find the library and thus reverts to using "None".
You'll see the Remove link because the Profile is still intact and active as it's "just" the editor itself that is missing, the settings are still intact and usable if you put the files back.

This is by design so an editor's profile won't accidentally be used on another [incompatible] editor and cause confusion.

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Title: can not select editor » Editor selectbox disabled

Better title.

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Thanks TwoD thought it might remove something else. works brilliantly now.