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MD5: b32a0e9a979d81177e8c752b99b364c2
SHA-1: 4bb94c7042c45d2f32e0e34ab38aaec1667b37c3
SHA-256: 3c82d865d67fb422a3c62efaa526c4cac6748a7e4c222fbfc38cadaf10189ebb
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MD5: 6ffabf382ad16df85be28111acd986aa
SHA-1: 83db9cce193f506a553f7b8e122bb50205af6ef6
SHA-256: 61692bd6972db14af046cae3fb85fc46da8a35b537c498a99deb3bb9f60bcc0a

Release info

Created by: peter-boeren
Created on: 7 Jun 2009 at 12:10 UTC
Last updated: 8 Jun 2009 at 20:48 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

* Port from D5 to D6. D6..x-1.x-dev
- Basic functionality has been ported meaning a relation can be created between nodes by using the result of a view.

- Installer has been enriched with hook_schema so a full uninstall is possible. Thomas already achieved much of the functionality in D5 that is now covered by hook_schema.

- API function in relatedcontent.module haven't been ported yet. So modules depending on this module probably won't work in this stage.

- Hook menu needed a lot of love because of the changes between D5 and D6. With the help of wild-card loaders is determined if a view has to be shown as a local task.

- Also in favor of hook_menu I introduced a permission in hook_perm because real live checking if a user has update access on a node is only possible with a wild-card loader of hook_menu. I thought this was more transparent.

- implementation of hook_theme was of course needed.

- .help file needs a review. I have not checked if the information is still accurate.

- After changing a node-type now the menu is being rebuild in order to a update the local tasks defined in hook_menu

- added drupal pager functionality instead of "Next" button in D5
- ordinal number and weights functionality are not yet ported

-This version works with Views 2. Only views with a 'node' as base table are shown in the list of a node-type. Even if it is 'node' a base table than related content might not show result. The archive or glossary view is a good example. This view gives as a result a page: November, 2008 (121)
- relatedcontent.tpl.php template is not yet supported

- Code needs some love and care. It contains lines of code that are no longer in use.

- code that has been added needs documentation

- module needs some nice tests (simpletest)

- also added an block to show related content

I hope you all can provide me with feedback, issues and bugs to improve this version of the module. If anyone want to write some automated test then please let us know what you're testing so others can focus on other parts of the module.


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