Hi there,
did you know that problem, if like to use a width the rel attribute breaks..

like this ->
<a rel="600px]" href="http://xxxxx">Search google</a>

this works ->
<a href="http://www.google.com" rel="lightframe[][my caption]">Search google</a>
this works ->
<a href="http://www.google.com" rel="lightframe[search]">Search google</a>

but this not ->
<a href="http://www.google.com" rel="lightframe[|width:400px; height:300px; scrolling: auto;]">Search google</a>

Could someone can give me a hint?




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I can't reproduce that problem using the latest dev release. Can you provide a link to your site where I can see it happening? My contact form is enabled if you wish to do so privately (just quote the ticket number).


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Do you have the input filter "Disable Lightbox iframe filter" enabled for the input format you're using? You can check at admin/settings/filters. If so, you should disable it.

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It's disabled..

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actually it's one of the other filters that interferes - I think it's "HTML corrector", or possibly "HTML filter" (though I wouldn't recommend disabling this one for untrusted users). It's also possible removing the spaces from the rel attribute might fix the problem.

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I setup a own lightbox filter now - and that works :-) for a note but..

if I use the lightframe in a view - "Rewrite the output of this field" - it doesn't work .. I disabled all filters only the lightbox-filters are active...

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Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Fixed
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sorry to fast ...

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is there not a way to escape tokens... seems like that is the problem

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I'm also having this problem. Has any maintainer looked into this and what might be causing it? I am trying to use the rewrite in views to make a emfield video lightbox'ed with a specific width and height (or else it plays in the lightbox with scroll bars). Perhaps there's another way to do it.

To be specific, I tried disabling all the default site filters and enabling all lightbox filters except for the Disable Lightbox iframe filter.

In my view, I have a video emfield- Content: Video (field_video_upload)

I am rewriting output of this field as:

<a href="[field_video_upload_fid]" rel="lightvideo[|width:400px;height:300px;][caption]">%1</a>

in the rendered HTML for the view, it comes up deformed, as:

<span class="field-content"><a href="http://localhost/sites/default/files/video/Wildlife.wmv" rel="300px;][caption]">Media node</a></span>

when I leave out the width/height as:

<a href="[field_video_upload_fid]" rel="lightvideo[][caption]">%1</a>

it renders correctly the video with "caption" in the lightbox.

So, ..... ? What's this all about? @taits asks a good question: can you escape the [] brackets, because maybe views is trying to interpret this as a token? I tried \[|width...\] but that didn't take any differently.

Advice? Is this not workable because of the square brackets? Is your the patch you guys are passing around in #474454: Views lightbox2 custom field handler (update) going to work better for me in this case to display video?

-- glen

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The problem is a conflict with one of the input filters. I can't remember which one exactly, it may be the "html corrector".

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@Stella, yes I saw that in an earlier post. However, I tried disabling ALL the filters for "Full HTML" and it didn't make a change. I am also using Better Formats to manage filters. Am I missing something? Is there a view-specific filters definition?

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I would recommend that the code check that the offending filter is not enabled when the module is installed.


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new48.3 KB

when trying to add a lightbox trigger i get the following error. any help would be appreciated. i have the following config:
FileField 6.x-3.2
Image 6.x-1.0-alpha5
ImageAPI 6.x-1.6
ImageCache 6.x-2.0-beta10
Lightbox2 6.x-1.x-dev (2009-Oct-02)

im also experiencing rewrite issues like above when i add width and height to output field. i have "Disable Lightbox iframe filter" enabled

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Category:feature» support

to add to my previous post here is the code im using (image thumb to open vimeo emed video).

<a class="emvideo-thumbnail-replacement emvideo-modal-lightbox2 lightbox2 lightbox-processed emvideo-thumbnail-replacement-processed" rel="lightframe[flash_video|width:416; height:283;]" title="Cinemash: Training Day " href="/littlebleufilms/emvideo/modal/93/400/267/field_embedded_video/vimeo/7207609">
<span/><img width="200" height="135" title="Thumbnail Not Available" alt="Thumbnail Not Available" src="http://3rwebdesign.com/littlebleufilms/sites/default/files/emvideo-vimeo-7207609.jpg"/>

When i use firebug to see output i get:

<a class="emvideo-thumbnail-replacement emvideo-modal-lightbox2 lightbox2 lightbox-processed emvideo-thumbnail-replacement-processed views-processed" href="/littlebleufilms/emvideo/modal/93/400/267/field_embedded_video/vimeo/7207609" title=" Training Day " rel="283;]">
<span/><img width="200" height="135" src="http://3rwebdesign.com/littlebleufilms/sites/default/files/emvideo-vimeo-7207609.jpg" alt="Thumbnail Not Available" title="Thumbnail Not Available"/>

you'll see the rel="lightframe[]" is breaking

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I'm having the same problem, it only works if I'm not using any filters (ie: PHP mode... which is obviously not very useful for a community site :) But we're talking about a bigger issue here - allowing certain characters or attributes within an input format that is not as granular as individual HTML attributes, only tags. It's stripping it because it looks like javascript.

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It's a little off-putting that this important views compatibility issue has not yet been resolved.

Can we get Lightbox2 to support something other than square-bracketed options that interfere with views, like:

rel="lightvideo{|width:400px;height:300px;}{caption}" or whatever????!

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It happens because of the colon separators in the style part. You could get around it by allowing an alternative separator, such as an equal sign (which worked for me, with a small change to the "setStyles" function in "lightbox.js" in 6.x-1.x-dev (I think the latest release)).

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dosborn - you are the man! ran into this very problem in using views to rewrite the output using latest version (6.x-1.9),

starting at line 1030 of lightbox.js, changed setStyles(), lines:


      if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('width:') >= 0) {
        var w = stylesArray[i].replace('width:', '');


      if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('width=') >= 0) {
        var w = stylesArray[i].replace('width=', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('height:') >= 0) {
        var h = stylesArray[i].replace('height:', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('height=') >= 0) {
        var h = stylesArray[i].replace('height=', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('scrolling:') >= 0) {
        var scrolling = stylesArray[i].replace('scrolling:', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('scrolling=') >= 0) {
        var scrolling = stylesArray[i].replace('scrolling=', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('overflow:') >= 0) {
        var overflow = stylesArray[i].replace('overflow:', '');


      else if (stylesArray[i].indexOf('overflow=') >= 0) {
        var overflow = stylesArray[i].replace('overflow=', '');

I'm not exactly sure if there is a specific reason for using ':' instead of another separator like "="? Maybe stella can answer this but wouldn't it make sense to use '=' by default if there is no real benefit to using colon instead? It seems views likes this better. Just a thought.

Thanks guys

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Priority:Normal» Major

I have the lates dev version, and have modified the lightbox.js version as in#18, and the modification allows the lightbox to appear when being set with and = vs :, however the sizes are ignored


This is a pretty urgent issue for me,

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@dosborn & @tiato rock.
This worked for me too. Just a note though. If you are using any other lightbox triggers in views this adjustment will break them because they are looking for ":" instead of "="

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new1.45 KB

Here is a patch that accomplishes #18 above.

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Patch worked like a charm. Thanks!

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@ #19 : Clear the browser cache and reload the page - that works for me

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+1 for patch #21, working here too

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The patch at #21 worked for me and fixed this issue: #1985346: lightframe does not work for IE 8/9/10

ps - I did this for Drupal 7.