I am trying to get the sum of a field across a list of nodes in a view. Heres the scenario: I have a content type called "mileage" which allows each user to enter the mileage on a single bike trip. I would like to create a view that displays one list item for each user with a sum of the mileage nodes from that user, one "total" number.

Any help that can point me in the right direction would be great!


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Also trying to do this.

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Working out stock value from shop.

In my case, trying to use this to list stock_item_volume x cost_price, to work out a line value, then sum the line values, so that I have total value of stock in store for accountancy purposes.

The logic is trivial, except when you consider how Ubercart, Views, and views calc interract to give me a number of lines and a sum that is approximately 3 times what they should be.

Another puzzle!

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Subscribing, 'cause I think this will require custom code.

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I've solved something similar a few days ago.
Read this and check if it helps you.

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Did you ever figure out this mileage calculation? I am doing something very similar in Drupal 7.

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