• 25 Feb 2011 at 02:11 UTC

    Commit e4a05a7 on master
    authored by Git Migration, committed by Drupal Git User (LDAP)
    Stripping CVS keywords
  • by JamesAn: Added additional comments into code.   Released first iteration of optional module installation, using Batch API to     install modules.
  • by JamesAn: Released first functional version.   Finalized code structure for module selection task.   Added capability to detect modules and module dependencies.   Used Batch API to install modules   Added scaffolding for optional module selection task.
  • by JamesAn: Added CHANGELOG.txt by JamesAn: Expanded scaffolding with UI for the module selection task.   Adds automatic module detection in module selection task.   Adds links to project pages for modules not installed.   Uses External Links in module selection task to handle project page links.   Adds an empty second install task.   Abstracts scaffolding to generate code to connect each install task to its     corresponding Form API definition and submission handler.   Abstracts components of the DSNF in module selection screen so a list of     candidate modules is translated into a set of radio buttons filtered     through the module detector.
  • Fixed #501026 by JamesAn: changed order of enabling core modules.
  • 3 Jun 2009 at 22:03 UTC

    Commit dabf12c on 6.x-1.x, master
    Initial scaffolding code.
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