Is there any method to getting a google calendar to update based on event / date field nodes on a Drupal site?

I see this: The roadmap looks promising but it hasn't been updated since 2007.

Right now I'm able to create nodes on Drupal based on events from a Google calendar's iCal feed. That seems to be working well, except the times are not importing correctly, or something is messed up with time zones. This was done using the Feed API and feed mapper. But I want to be able to automatically create Google Calendar events based on my Drupal event nodes.

I tried the gcal_events module but it only appears to be able to list events, not create events based on Drupal nodes;

I also tried adding my iCal feed as an "other" Google Calendar. I was able to add it but the Drupal event / date nodes were not showing up.

So is there anyone who is able to keep a google calendar and drupal in sync with each other? Any tips?


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Well, you can easily subscribe to an iCal feed in Google Calendar. With the Calendar module, you can export an iCal feed from a View. You wouldn't be able to edit events in Google Calendar, but you could see them, and they would automatically update if you change the node on your website.


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Well that solution does work... Hopefully users don't get confused about editing certain events.

I do have the calendar module setup to output an iCal feed. If I import the feed into my Google Calendar, it does import the nodes. This is good, but, and maybe this is an issue specific to a module or something on my end...

I can create nodes with the Feed API but all the times for nodes created based on Google Calendar events have the incorrect time, even though I have the same timezone set on my site and within Google Calendar. So these events with incorrect times, they show up in Drupal's iCal feed and get added back to my Google Calendar, except with the new incorrect time.

For example I have a "Test event" on the 31st scheduled at 10:00am to 2:00pm in Google Calendar, once it is imported into Drupal it now has the time 3:00pm to 7:00pm, then When I add the Drupal iCal feed to the Google Calendar, the date related nodes I created and the 'new' events with the incorrect time are added to the Google Calendar... Or would it be a better idea to generate an iCal feed containing only the events of the node type from Drupal which I want imported into the Google Calendar?

I may go with the iCal feed solution once I can get this 'incorrect time' deal figured out. I'm not sure what module(s) would be causing it. Any tips?


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I have successfully used a calendar view iCal url as the url for adding a public calendar on google. however, after the initial load, new events and changes to existing events do not show up in the google calendar. there are multiple threads on the google support forums complaining that this does not work:

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I am trying to embed complete google calendar and I havent found any answer. I have tried with gcal_events but
it allows only the events to be listed.So, is there anyway to embed complete google calendar into the drupal 6.x
website ?

Thanks in advance


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1. First go to sign in for an account:
2. go to settings
3. got o calendars ( close to general tab)
4. choose your calendar to emmbed
5. copy the code or customiza your calendar (size, color, etc)
6. Go to your Drupal administrator and create a node and paste the code.

There another ways but this works for me because the client wont need to touch the administrator
web page in order to show an event in the calendar.
Hope this can help you