The recent change in 5.x-1.3 that automatically adds/creates a bio when a user signs up, we would like to have the ability to turn that off as we currently only use the bios on our site for the staff.

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Absolutely agree. This should be configurable, to say the least. This was a BIG change that took me by surprise. What were the developers thinking?

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Didn't realize this was already requested. Same issue I posted today.

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I have managed to edit the module to fix this bug if you are interested guys are interested until the official release is fixed. It involves hacking the module, which is why I won't post it here as it is apparently frowned upon around here (no matter how long we have been waiting for a fix.) PM me if you want to find out what to do.

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This uses the Enabled/Disabled registration field form value in the settings page.