Im a newbie in panels, and i was searching but i dont found my issue.

The problem is when i try to add views. I select views in the left side and then the view i wanna show up. Then i get the option Display with the names of the pages that i have in the view i selected. After i select the display i get a page with options like Override title and other... When i do clic in finish i get back the "Select Display page", without error. When i try again i get back again the same page.

Why can this happen?


PS. Sorry for my bad english.


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Are you sure you're using beta 2? This sounds like a bug that happened with older versions when I had incorrect code for recognizing the buttons, but it hasn't happened with newer, beta code that I have seen.

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Im sure, i use the Available updates page and i dont have any update.

Panels 6.x-3.0-beta2
Includes: Mini panels, Panel nodes, Panels

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Same thing happens to me. I'm also using the latest Panels.

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Same here... When trying to add a new view, I set it up and click on finish, and it takes me back right at the first step.

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Title: The page returns after finish » Add Content >> Views Continual Loop
Version: 6.x-3.0-beta2 » 6.x-3.0-beta4
Category: support » bug
Priority: Normal » Critical

Mind if I set it to critical given we cannot add views to our panels? :)

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This never happens for me, so it's hard to for me to guess what might be going on.

What browser are folks using?

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Firefox 3.5.1 here

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Can you check out the javascript error log and see if you get a javascript error? I'm guessing not, but I can't think of why this would happen.

My experience in the past is that when this happens it's because the jquery forms plugin doesn't properly mark which button is being selected, and because the Back button is first, that's what Drupal thinks got clicked. But I fixed this several versions ago, and I've never had a problem since. However, I'm still using Firefox 3.0.11, I haven't upgraded to the 3.5 line. Maybe I need to.

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Hm. I upgraded to 3.5.1 and I can't get it to happen there either. =(

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I can confirm that it occurs in the latest editions of Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome for me. Here is what I am using:
and of course, Drupal 6.13

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Can I get access to a site that's doing this? Maybe it's something else that doesn't happen on my server.

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Just tried but I dont see any js errors, tried enabling Firebug but then the page load would grind to a 1bit/sec speed.
Perhaps someone else detects sg?

For me it just jumps back to teh first page after hitting on finish.

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Merlin, I can give you access to a site with this issue. Send me an email spambox65 AT hotmail DOT com

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Giorgio (and anyone else with this issue):
What type of theme are you using with Panels? Is it one of the packaged themes, one you created, or a generated theme from Artisteer?

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I switched to the default garland hoping that would solve the issue

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What theme were you using when you installed panels? Also, have you ever used an Artisteer theme?

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Temporary Fix.

Problem: Continual loop when attempting to add Views to a panel. Loop occurs when clicking on Finish. Brings user back to the setting page.

Issue: Template in use (confirmed this affects all artisteer templates) overrides javascript

Solution: Disable template, and enable Garland (or another prepackaged Drupal template); Clear Cache; Reload browser to clear what is in browser cache; Go back to Panels and insert view

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Status: Active » Fixed

Wow, yep we have an Artisteer template up there...

I enabled Garland only as admin theme but it seems that was not enough.

Fantastic, thanks for this.

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I checked in a workaround. At the same time, Artisteer has also put out a fix in their 2.2 beta.

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I was having this problem as well and the 2.2 beta Artisteer release did fix the problem for me.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.