Hi everyone

I really like the way homebox ist taking. And I wonder if there could be an integration for Panels 3.

I would really appreciate it and for sure test it.

Thank you very much,

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Hi Johnnyk,

What do you mean exactly by "Alows Panels to Pull Homeboxes"?

Having an entire homebox inside a Panel region? Or having Homebox dragging boxes on a Panel created someting (page, node, minipanel)?

Maybe some sktich screenshots could help me understand.

Thank you testing the module!

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Hi jchatard,

What I meant was indeed having a complete Homebox inside a Panel Region. Of course this is not usable in every occasion, but what I plan in doing with Homebox, this would be pretty awesome.

In this way every user could choose the appearence of his/her public page.
About the attachement: I hope one can easily see what I mean.

I attached a sketch - I'm not very skilled in arts, but I'm proud of my MS Paint skillz ;)

Homebox dragging inside Panels itself would be a pretty funny thing I suppose. But not what I wanted to imply.

Another thing I stumbled across while testing alpha 3 was, that changing positions was not saved at all. Whereas deleting and putting boxes back in worked without a problem.

Again, thank you very much for this really nice module,

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/subscribe, it would be very cool.

It would be cool to have a global option to make all panels region as draggable for a specific page.

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I don't have time now to digg into Panels API to implement such a feature, but I guess this would be "relatively" easy to implement since Delegator module exists.

But I really don't have much to time to digg into this.

Any attempt would much appreciated.


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couldn't you just put a homebox in a mini-panel and place the mini-panel in your panel page?

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noooo.... I would never mix panels into this.... never. panels is a bad/ dirty peace of code.

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Can you please let me know how to put homebox into mini-panel.

Thanks in advance.

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You could create a custom content item in a pane, use the PHP filter, and this bit of code:

print homebox_build(1);

.. where 1 is the numeric homebox ID, i.e. homebox/1

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Hi, I think with the continuing progressing of ctools/panels, it would be great if homebox would integrate with ctools as so that the usersystem and redirect works as homebox, but that in the end a per user ctools page is build? Or something along these lines.

Thanks a lot for considering!


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fysa snippet works just great! Didn't even knew it!

So create a custom pane with PHP input filter, and :
print homebox_build(1)


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I'd love to get this working and it seems very simple to do but with 1) input filter set to php code and 2) using the code snippet above in New custom content inside a panel the code doesnt print the homebox_build but instead just outputs the text.
Do you have to paste the code inside a panel or minipanel? Does that make any difference?

Can anybody post a screenshot of where the code was put in to help me out?

Thanks - sorry for such a basic question!

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You can create a new panel layout and paste the code in there...

- Go to you panel layouts folder sites\all\modules\panels\plugins\layouts\
- Create a copy of the onecol and call it test for example
- Go to this "test" folder sites\all\modules\panels\plugins\layouts\test
- Rename the files ... ondecol.css -> test.css ; onecol.inc -> test.inc ; onecol.png -> test.png ; panels-onecol.tpl -> panels-test.tpl ( if you see something like this panels-onecol.tpl.php then the file should be called panels-test.tpl.php )
- Open the test.inc file and replace the code with the following

$plugin = array(
  'title' => t('Test'),
  'icon' => 'test.png',
  'theme' => 'panels_test',
  'css' => 'test.css',
  'panels' => array('panelcontent' => t('Panel content')),

- Open the panels-test.tpl file and replace the content with the following code

<div class="panel-display panel-test clear-block" <?php if (!empty($css_id)) { print "id=\"$css_id\""; } ?>>
  <div class="panel-panel panel-panelcontent">
    <div><?php print $content['panelcontent']; ?></div>

  <div class="panel-panel panel-homeboxcontent">
    <div><?php print homebox_build(1) ?></div>

- Edit the test.css file the way you want and need
- Edit the test.png preview image according to the layout you created
- Go to http://yoursite/admin/settings/performance and clear cached data, this should load the newly created panel layout the next time you create
- Create a new panel page and chose "Test" for the layout type
- If you have created a homebox page before that has the pid = 1, it should automatically appear after you save the panel page.

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1.83 KB

I created the layout I just described above and attached it here.

- Extract the content of the .zip file to sites\all\modules\panels\plugins\layouts\test\
- Go to http://yoursite/admin/settings/performance and clear the cache
- Create a panel page with this "Test" layout

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Wow! Great - thanks a million! It works a charm - and then all you need do is change the number inside the .tpl file for the panel layout you created to change the homebox page that's presented.

Excellent :)

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev

Uh, test panel layout do not works for me.
I use the 6.x-2.x-dev of homebox module.

My homebox pid in homebox_pages db table is 14 so I've changed print homebox_build(1) to print homebox_build(14), and nothing happens, just this sentence : "This page has not yet been configured."

But my home box exist and works well, I can reach it throught the left menu.
So I took a look in homebox.module file, and I see function homebox_build($page) function where $page is a page object not a pid number.

How to use homebox_build() then ?

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You jumped to a new branch of the software - don't expect everything to work the same.

The 2.x branch of Home box is dramatically different. First off, you can't upgrade from 1.x to 2.x - you must completely uninstall 1.x.

To use homebox_build, you'll have to load the page first, via homebox_get_page('name of page');


First off, why would we want to bring a Homebox into a panel?

Has everyone tried Homebox 2's custom region layout feature? You can easily create panels-like layouts for Homebox regions.

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May be the integration of views with arguments + panels AND homeboxes together is a great plus!
I can asume pages which have a url related to taxonomy terms of geographical type, and views with this taxonomy term as argument which are shown in panel-panes and next to this homebox widgets about say the wheather in the geographical type (say Paris :)
Something like this possible in the near feature?

greetings, Martijn

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I've only put little thought to making HB panels-like. I admire the context and argument capabilities in Panels, but didn't see much of a reason to try to replicate them.

Maybe if you guys cook up exact idea of what you're trying to accomplish, I can see what can be done.

Anyone try the custom region layout settings in HB2 yet?

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Yep I tried it and it works nicely.
But because I need to have an horizontal jquery accordion in the same page as homeboxes I've to use "Accordian Mini Panels -- Horizontal" module. As I know, that's the only one which propose this feature.

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So with version 2.x you have to write this into the panel region

<?php print homebox_build(homebox_get_page('HOMEBOX NAME')); ?>

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I'm very open to someone offering Panels integration to HB 2.x. I don't have the time to get into this right now. I still don't really see the reason why someone would want this with HB having custom layout capabilities..

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Hi Mike,
Panels does offer more than custom lay-out. The argument working together with views, context etc.. It would be great if HB would be fluently integrateble with panels. Both functionality options will then join!
It would be great to be able to use the HB plugins in panels, like views-displays. It would be awesome if arguments would work also, as that what is shown is depended on these argument settings.
Thanks for Panels integration in advance!


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Status: Active » Postponed
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Jérémy et al,

I am just beginning to dig into the workings and possibilities and so I may speak in ignorance in regard to panels and HB2. One of the beautiful things about Panels is the ease of creating a custom view and placing it into a panel. I would like to create custom views(taking advantage of such arguments/filters as "user being viewed" or "is logged in user" which can be placed in a users homebox. The user can then freely customize them. Is this possible yet? How can I implement HB with the Advanced Profile Kit?

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Wrong thread probably, but a Views block display can appear in homebox. Create the display and edit homebox layout to enable.

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-3.x-dev

Bumping version since 6.x-2.x is no longer being developed.

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#21: just tried this it prints the whole page not just the homebox. You need to do this instead:

$page = homebox_get_page('HOMEBOX NAME');
print (homebox_build($page);

I'm using a homebox inside of a quicktab. So far so good.

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I use panels for one of my nodes and I use the tab module. So my users load the node only once and then they can click thru the different tab pages. All actions are done via ajax the only missing thing in my case is a dashboard with several options. For this use case it would be perfect to have an easy integration with panels.

Subscribe for this feature!

I found a problem with the solution in#31. At first the embedding works but if I add a block I get a redirection to my homebox path for example homebox, but my embedded url is in my case mynodetype/nodeuid. So after adding a block the user always get redirected to the wrong url. I try to change the path thru the page->settings['path'] var but it didn't work as expected. So I think here is some work necessary to get it working. I hack now the module to make it work but this is definitely not the best way.

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I can confirm what broncomania has said. It does redirect.

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Could someone please help me, when i use any of these codes: such as:

print homebox_build(homebox_get_page('HOMEBOX NAME'));


print homebox_build(1);


$page = homebox_get_page('HOMEBOX NAME');
print (homebox_build($page);

i get a message where the panel would be it says:

"This page has not yet been configured. "

Can any1 help me insert a homebox into a panel?

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For future reference, using Homebox 7.x-2.0-beta6 and Page manager existing pages I was able to create a homebox page, override it into a panels page and host it with in a panels page. This let me put various panels using context around the home box panel and have the homebox still work perfectly.

Notes: I tried some other methods like calling the homebox page call back from within Quicktabs and a number of other wacky things but I was only able to get homebox working if the path matched what was configured in Homebox.

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Version: 6.x-3.x-dev » 7.x-2.0-beta6

This sounds like a good solution.
I have tried this without success.
Can you elaborate a little more on how you used Page manager existing pages to get the homebox into a panel page?

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@bherring - I too was having an issue trying to use the 'Page Manager Existing Pages' module until I found this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-4g01WjwI4

The PMEP module doesn't really allow you to use an existing panel page to put your homebox dashboard into - what it does is allow you to create a panel *around* the homebox. You can obviously recreate any existing panel from that point, but it tripped me up the first time.

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I have a working solution of Panels integration. Will post it here.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Postponed » Needs review
14.13 KB

This is a working solution which enables to use both editable and read only homebox pages as panel panes.

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Version: 7.x-2.0-beta6 » 7.x-2.x-dev
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The updated patch with a fix from
#1634486: After adding new hombox: undefined offset
for read only homeboxes.

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I've applied the patch, and see a module "Homebox panels" which is activated and also a Homebox custom block, but I am not sure how to get these into panes. Can you provide some guidance.

Many thanks.


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Found the homebox pages! If anyone else is having the same problem: I reinstalled the module, applied the patch again and they are now visible under "miscellaneous" when selecting panel content as "homebox page".

Thanks for the patch @maximpodorov

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Thx also from me. But I had a problem with the patch. It created the plugin file in the ctools folder. After moving the plugin file into the homebox_panels plugins/content_types folder it works without problems.

Please make a project of this module. It is really usefull!!!

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If Homebox maintainers don't like the idea to accept this patch, I can create a separate project from it.

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Hi @maximpodorov, may be this is best. I do not use homebox anymore, but some maintainers don't want to have to maintain dependencies in their module.
So bringing it on as a seperate project can help than!
Greetings, Martijn

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
Issue tags: +Needs issue summary update

I rarely use Panels myself, so I could use a bit more detail on what the advantages of this are. The issue summary would be a great place.

Regardless, it looks like this has large sections of copy/pasted code, which will be hard to maintain. Applying a fix to both sections of code won't always be remembered.

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I would love to see panels and homebox integration. For advantages I can list the reason I would need it.

We are making a reporting tool using blocks inside panels. The tool allows users to show and hide the blocks they want to print in the report. The amount of blocks is huge but they are broken into categories.

With homebox you can allow the blocks to be turned on and off and be moved around. But with panels and homebox you could have homeboxes for each category of blocks to force the user to stay within a fixed structure. You can also include nodes and other non-block site content in the panel at fixed locations.

It would make the customisability super powerful.

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Any updates on creating this as a separate module @maximpodorov? I've applied the patch as it works, but each time I update Homebox, I need to reapply. Would be useful as a standalone module or for it to be committed.

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The last call to the maintainer? :)

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A separate module makes sense to me.

(I've been planning to move homebox_og to a separate project since I haven't been maintaining it.)

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