Hi All,

I am at start up stage in drupal. i am from Java side , i don't know PHP or Drupal framework...

For developing a web portal , we have been evaluating Liferay since last couple of time. and we have evaluated it upto much extent for customizing it and developement. but we found that code in liferay is scatterd much so, for customizing any existing thing we have to go to deep. so effort will be more. again there are not so many portlets(modules) in Liferay as drupal have. & Drupal also seems less code ( at one place) then Liferay.

so we thought evaluating drupal as well. our team is full in java side. nobody knows PHP.

we find difficulty in developing our cusom pages theme in drupal then in liferay.

so, can anybody give us details that how to use drupal?? or from where to start... , is it easy to develop new modules in drupal?? we have to learn Drupal framework & PHP for that right? will it be difficult?

OR if anybody has any comparison between Liferay & Drupal...

Thanks In Advance,


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Looking to develop new modules, you will need to understand php, although most of the time you will not need to start again, simply adapt existing modules to suit your needs. You will probably find that initially, Drupal is quite daunting due to the sheer amount you can do with it however I strongly urge you to persevere with it as it is definately worth it!

I would recommend you start with a test setup of drupal and just play about with creating new nodes etc and linking stuff together, this will give you a basic understanding of how things work and you can go from there.

Can you provide details of what you are looking to build in the end so we can see if we can determine how difficult it may be to implement?